Outsourcing Advisors offers consultancy services for investors in Romanian & Eastern Europe outsourcing space.

Outsourcing Advisors is unique because:

1. Operates with the best team of outsourcing consultants which operates in this space;

2. It is a reliable provider of Romanian Outsourcing industry analysis & research;

3. Acts as a strong supporter of the local outsourcing community through personalized development programs.

Led by Amalia Sterescu  www.amaliasterescu.ro, a well known local outsourcing professional , Outsourcing Advisors Mission is: To leverage Romania’s position – as a long term outsourcing destination, among top 50 outsourcing locations of the world.


  • Start-up consultancy services for launching new outsourcing operations in Romania: location assessment, success stories, tour of main outsourcing operations; surveys and statistics etc.
  • Post implementation management support for contact centers, shared service centers or global business services centers;
  • Outsourcing services broker – liaise external offer with local providers;
  • Headhunting and recruitment services for leadership roles in the industry;
  • Developing personalized training programs in order to cover local outsourcing industry needs;
  • Act as a liaison between local Educational institutions and customers in order to ensure the right pool of talents & skills; Providing mentoring and coaching for high potential talents.
  • Developing the local outsourcing community by enhancing current specialized groups, through personalized webinars and conferences.

Youth Programs: 10-20 years old

  • Youth Leadership Academy;
  • Public Speaking;
  • Young entrepreneurs;
  • Career Advancement Counseling