15,000 employees work in the business services industry in Cluj-Napoca

//15,000 employees work in the business services industry in Cluj-Napoca

“Talent / Technology / Transformation” is the theme of the event organized by the Business Service Leaders Association in Romania (ABSL) in Cluj-Napoca.

Within the event the topics discussed were: the relationship between employees and automation, the ability of organizations to cope with changes, workspaces adapted to the needs of employees, HR trends, loyalty and team commitment.

The speakers of this event are:

  1. Raluca Resmeriță, Senior Sales Manager – Druid
  2. Andreea Chiriță, Product Manager – Druid
  3. Kinga Pakucs, Sales Effectiveness Consultant – Steelcase EMEA
  4. Otilia Rusu, Leasing Manager – Skanska Property România
  5. Mihaela Robu, Business Development Manager – ACCA South-Eastern Europe
  6. Sandor Mark Bodnar, Managing Director – HAYS România
  7. Iulian Pătrașcu, founder & Senior Partner – Fine Law – Pătrașcu& Associates
  8. Andreea Bădescu, Trainer & Coach – D’ale Carnegie România
  9. Viorel Opaiț, Business Development Director – JLL România
  10. Adrian Fogaș– Director Accounts Receivable Europe a.i. – Office Depot Europe

Cluj-Napoca has become an attractive market for investors due to the people with skills needed for this industry (foreign languages, technical skills), flexibility, cost-effectiveness, access to new technologies.

Over 15,000 employees work in the business services industry in Cluj.

“We are part of an industry that is constantly changing and adapting, one of the most dynamic industries in Romania, with great potential for development in the coming years. We constantly increase our teams, the candidates we are looking for are people who are willing to learn new things, to innovate, to develop their strategic thinking and creativity and to be able to adapt to the changes imposed by a global and dynamic business ecosystem. Industry companies offer numerous trainings but also an environment that encourages an office experience, not just a place where you spend your working hours. Partnerships with universities in Cluj are growing, offering students both professionally applicable training and internship programs” said Kinga Pakucs, Sales Effectiveness Consultant – Steelcase EMEA, a company with offices in Cluj.

According to ABSL estimatation, the most important organization that  represents the business services sector and brings together the most important companies in the field, the industry offers jobs for about 125,000 employees, representing approx. 1.5% of the active population of Romania.

“Romania is in the first place in the category of mature business services markets, with over 265 companies, a motivated workforce, well prepared, very good foreign language speaker, cost-competitive and culturally close to European values. These are the reasons why the potential of the business services industry is so significant. ABSL supports the development of the sector by carrying out these regional events in cities with potential. We want to encourage the local community and make the voices of the specialists in these cities heard,” explains Cătălin Iorgulescu, ABSL Vicepresident.

According to a study conducted by the Association, together with KPMG, it is estimated that the business services industry generated revenues of about 4 billion euros, in 2017.

Regarding payroll, the study analyzes seven processes / types of industry positions, as follows: Project / Process Management, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Customer Services, Procurement and Procurement Services, Software Development (IT) and Top Management.

For the project management specialists, the monthly salary can start from RON 5000 gross and can reach in some cases up to RON 20,000 RON / month.

For specialists working in the field of Financial Accounting, or Customer Services, the entry salary can start from RON 3300 gross per month, and for those working in Supply Chain from RON 3000 gross / month.

According to the study, most companies offer language bonuses. French, German, Italian and Spanish are the most sought after languages ​​by employers, these being paid with bonuses ranging from RON 270 gross and RON 3,000 gross per month. Those who know less spoken languages ​​can receive bonuses up to RON 3,600 gross / month, in addition to the salary.

Another benefit granted to the employees is the extra free days, apart from the mandatory ones, which can vary between one and six days a year.

In the next 5 years, in Romania, it is estimated that the industry can exceed 200 thousand employees

In 2018, 33% of employees offer Customer Management services, 25% IT services and 23% Accounting and Finance.

According to the same study, the average age of the workforce is between 26 and 35 years, with women representing 61% of the employees in the industry.

According to the survey, on average, an employee stays in the company between 1 and 5 years. Most people working in the industry have at least a university degree, and 24% are masters or doctoral graduates.

Right now, the most sought after people are people who combine foreign language skills with other skills required by the industry.

37 of the respondent companies have accumulated more than 1200 foreign employees. They were hired based on language criteria (68%), implementation of new processes (35%), technical skills or complex experience (24%).