[2022 Trends in Business Services Industry] EUCOM

//[2022 Trends in Business Services Industry] EUCOM

Andrei Ene, Corporate Communications Executive, EUCOM


Much has been written about the dramatic changes in our working life over the last two years, which have been fueled by necessity and safety concerns. For many of us, the pandemic is still a reality of life in 2022. However, it’s fair to argue that as we go about our occupations, we’ve learnt to adapt to new behavioral patterns and expectations. Hopefully, we are taking advantage of the opportunity to achieve a better balance between our personal and professional lives.

Companies, organizations and individuals grow through communication. Our vision is to remove barriers to  communication and international collaboration, by upskilling employees with the fundamental business expertise for key moments in their careers, and building valuable leadership capabilities.

Hybrid working 

When it comes to where we work, there will continue to be two main models – centralized workplaces and decentralized remote organizations. What’s likely to change in 2022 is that it’s more likely that workers will have the choice rather than being forced to align with whatever model organisations choose out of necessity. Here at Eucom we removed offices entirely and rely on co-working spaces to support the needs of a primarily remote workforce.

Going forward we predict more products, solutions, and services designed for the employee experience, considering the office as a destination for collaboration while protecting the sense of personal space people have experienced working from home.
By blending human interaction with the need for digitization, with flexible meeting setups and new ways to build social connections through daily and weekly hybrid meetings and workshops, we supporting our team to develop the right skills for the future.


Our business wants to continue to add real value and solve customers’ problems, so we had to rethink some of our products and services to take into account the huge shifts taking place.
The World Economic Forum predicts that AI and automation will lead to the creation of millions of new jobs in the next years, and over these past years we tried to automate as many of our task we could, relying on our in-house platforms for our language learning and especially for our language assessment products.

With our expertise in learning methodologies and innovation in the space of education, we try to blend human interaction with technology, relying on automation to streamline our operations while maintaining the social aspect.

Customer experience

In the past, this digitization journey has generally treated digital channels – websites, social media, etc. – as secondary channels of engagement. Now, the gear has shifted completely, and customers increasingly come to a business via a digital channel. Digital is a part of our everyday lives now.

Customers want to feel special, and we try to understand and respond to their indivitual needs, providing personalised services to each and one of them.  Our business wants to continue to add real value and solve customers’ problems by speeding up the time spent performing tasks and increasing the accuracy with which we perform them. 2022 is a year in which we will continue to deploy tools and developments designed to elevate the processes that our products rely on.

To put it another way, our customers are craving meaningful connection with our brand, and we try to establish a personalised experience while maintaining our core values and long term vision: to positively impact one million people.