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Conference Agenda

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I am delighted to present you the results of the 7th Industry Report published jointly by ABSL and KPMG. Representing the vision of companies employing approximately 24% of the total number of employees working in the outsourcing industry, the Report offers an image on the current status of the outsourcing industry in Romania and its development potential in the near future.

The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life and this is applicable both ways, at home and at work. The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our work performance.

We want work to offer a sense of identity, development and fulfilment and to give our life a meaning and a purpose. So, what can organizations do to attract, motivate and retain us?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way people live and work, promising massive advancements in accuracy, productivity and personalization by replicating human capabilities with information technology systems that can sense, reason, comprehend, learn, and act. The Dale Carnegie AI Business Briefing is designed to bring leaders together to learn about, reflect on and discuss recent research and current ideas related to AI and its expected impact on the workforce. In it, we present our latest research into attitudes about AI. We explore the skills that will be needed to maximize the human-machine partnership of the future and lay out what any C-Level executives who have plans to implement AI in their own organizations can do to help ensure its success.

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For the last 4 years, we have developed a very strong master’s degree on Business Services at ASE. All companies employing students that attend this program have given us extraordinary feedback on the skills and perspective their employees received.

Let’s learn from students, graduates and managers about the experience of joining this program! Guests: Geanina Raiciu, Teodora Felie, Mădălina Dimitriu

Dress to success, digital deals without shaking hands, generations without desks… A vibrant roundtable discussion on different ways of doing business with various points of view by senior industry experts. This gotta be a fun session!


  • Andrei Calagiu (Investor in fashion retail)
  • Bryan Jardine (Managing Partner, Wolf Theiss)
  • Dragos Stefan (Head of Transition, Stefanini EMEA)
  • Mihaela Perianu (Managing Partner, Dale Carnegie Romania)

In a fast evolving environment, data-centric and focused on customer experience, we believe GBS organizations become the right engine to support transformation. And this can only happen if companies are giving GBS the mandate and if the latter can deliver it properly.

Why and how RPA which is the latest digital innovation contributes in enriching work

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Plenary Session

4 keynote debaters will be arguing whether:

In the context of innovation and digitalisation in the emerging industries and the gradual dissapearance of obsolete services and industries, private companies should bear the burden of professional retraining rather than the state”.

This session SHOULDN’T be missed!

In a creative and knowledge economy, the biggest part of employee’s experience is invisible — it’s going on inside their heads. The increasing pace of work, volume of information, and complexity of business demands more from employee’s brains. Workers appreciate a work environment that allows them to focus, create, and get work done. But how much of workplaces today have been designed with the brain in mind? What does it mean to support employees in their critical and creative thinking?

#Making RPA matter: As RPA gains momentum in our organisations, the governance of the implementation and operation of our digital workforce becomes a key success factor in the way we operate our processes. We will explore how to identify the risks related to automation, as well as how to design effective controls to benefit most from the work of our digital buddies.

Shared service centres (SSCs) are no longer just delivering cost and efficiency savings; best-in-class SSCs are now leading transformation and innovation for the enterprise. In this session, we take a look at the fundamental changes SSCs will need to go through in order to drive and own the innovation agenda successfully.

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Room B+C

16:30 – 17:15

Room A

People: the centrepiece of the business’ future

Moderator: Colin Lovering

Careers can look very different from those of the past so skills remain vital to on-going development.

As individuals, employers and education providers, we need to think how we ensure that we develop the professional skills needed in the changing world.”

In the current work force environment, involving the valuable employees in the business performance by granting them long term incentives might prove to be an excellent motivation tool. If the tax obligations for such benefits may be also reduced, the win-win situation may become the right basis for the desired business performance.

Retention of talents is one of the major challenges of the Romanian employers. Additionally to the specific HR methods, there might be implemented legal/contractual mechanisms to secure the retention of the talents.

Moreover, legal mechanisms for retention of employees have a positive impact on limiting the category of the unfair competition practices that are related to labour relationships. There are circumstances in which hiring a key employee/a part of a team from a competitor might can give competitive advantage. Additionally to the legal mechanisms for retention of employees might be implemented contractual solutions specifically oriented to limiting/avoiding unfair competition practices.

16:30 – 17:15

Room D

Accelerating digital transformation in Business Services

Moderator: Alexandra Cernian – Senior Trainer & Consultant, Brightway

Traditional marketing workflows cannot handle what it takes to produce suitable, personalized responses to prospects all through the buying process. This is where automation comes in handy. Matching the right content to the right moment and the right persona. Marketing automation is a platform for conducting a well-tuned and synchronized orchestra of all inbound and outbound, goal-oriented marketing activities. It’s tailored around personalized user experiences. It enables you to create and handle customer interactions with more speed and customization. This presentation will showcase how you can connect offline marketing activities to digital world, in order to interact with your customer at the most accurate stage of customer journey.

The presentation revolves around Deloitte’s newest platform, Processo, a lightweight and low-code platform built to manage complex automation processes and accelerate digital transformation within both SMEs and large companies, as well as local and central government authorities. The presentation will include platform overview, integration capabilities, prototyping and delivery process, business ecosystem, high-level architecture and customer usecases.

The role of Business Process Management, Process Improvement strategy and Process improvement methodologies in digital transformation of business.


Visit our SG EBS stand and take a sneak peak in our offices in the same time. With the help of technology, using our VR equipment, you will experience a part of SG EBS activity and spirit. Also, we are preparing something sweet and really healthy for you to enjoy! See you there!

See our software robots in action! Visit UiPath booth to see how Robotic Process Automation can accelerate the Digital Transformation in all organizations and is shaping the future of work, by doing things a lot quicker, more effective and delivering a better experience for the customers and their employees.

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Enjoy your business hours with a clear view in front of your favorite screen gadgets at Hays stand!

We are going digital but we stay human at heart. Visit the Dale Carnegie stand to take a short quiz and see how you manage change in this fast-paced world. We will be waiting for you to connect at a more personal level and share with you our insight on what makes change easier led in your organization. The quiz is provided by our partners for over 15 years – Thomas International.

Are you an eco-maniac, or maybe a target-oriented freak? Join us at JLL stand and to find out more about your office personality, and the most suitable workplace for your needs. So let’s meet on November 18th to share us your expectations regarding the work environment.

JLL Stand

We welcome you at our CIMA stand to find out more about the CGMA qualification and other leading edge training programs that we offer. Earn a CIMA gadget by posing an interesting question!


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Event Venue

JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

90, 13 Septembrie Ave, 050726

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For any inquiries & accommodation offers
please contact:
Project Manager 2019 Annual Conference
cristina.iacob@absl.ro | +40 751 782 615

JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

90, 13 Septembrie Ave, 050726

See location on map »

For any inquiries & accommodation offers
please contact:
Project Manager 2019 Annual Conference
+40 751 782 615