ABSL Romania: school as abroad – the enrolments begin at the ABSL Master Program

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Bucharest, 18th of July 2018. Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania (ABSL) gives the start of enrollments to the Business Services (MBS) Master Program, one of the few in Romania that is designed on the model of successful international universities. It combines courses, practical seminars and extracurricular activities, as well as internships within the ABSL member companies, which gives young people a quick and beneficial career start. The Master’s program was created following a strategic partnership with the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest, within the Faculty of Accounting and Management Informatics.

The Master program enrollment takes place from July 23 to 25 and is followed by a written exam and an interview. Candidates will be selected on the basis of a test in Romanian language which verifies general skills and knowledge (logic skills, problem solving, text comprehension) and an interview with the admissions committee that will assess the ability of oral expression, motivation and professional interest. There are 50 places available, 30 of them being funded by ABSL.

Young MBS students will follow an educational program similar to those in Western Europe: focusing on case studies and practical exercises, acquiring skills and learning tools and programs commonly used in business services. Courses are taught by ASE teachers, seminars are delivered by industry leaders and specialists, practical applications are hosted in ABSL member companies.

„The strengths of this master’s program are: employment from school (96% of recent MBS graduates were already working in the sector at the end of their studies), a large number of scholarships, less theory and more practice. All of these are augmented by interaction with business practitioners and real case-studies from world-renowned companies – ABSL members”, said Cătălin Iorgulescu, Vice-President ABSL.

The MBS Curricula is created by the outsourcing business specialists together with ASE teachers, adapted to industry practices and tailored to students’ specific needs for learning. In addition, the program includes a German language course for beginners – one of the most sought after in the industry, additionally rewarded in the labor market with a language bonus.

„Innovative, creative and challenging are the three words that perfectly describe the MBS program; its main benefit is that gives us direct access to the employers we are targeting in this industry”, said Denisa Obadă, MBS graduate.

The program has a duration of two years and is targeted to university graduates, regardless of the faculty completed (ASE, University, Polytechnics etc …), who aspires to a career in the business services industry.

More information about the MBS and enrollment procedures can be found here: http://mbs.ase.ro/.