ABSL Romania: The labor market in Iași, in a continuous transformation

//ABSL Romania: The labor market in Iași, in a continuous transformation

Iași, 25th of May 2018. Iași labor market is in constant transformation and development, and the need for a skilled workforce is steadily increasing. These are just a few of the conference’ conclusions on the Theme: “How People practices can thrive in an Age of Disruption: Recruitment, Talent Development and Retention”. The event took place yesterday at Ramada Hotel in Iași and was organized by the Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania (ABSL).

The event was attended by industry professionals, member and non-member ABSL companies, Strategic partners, Mayor of Iași, Mihai Chirica, and representatives of the business environment from the local business community.

“I think that the biggest challenge in the next period will be the human resource, ensuring we have competent people, able and willing to implement new technologies. Iași – without a competent labor force – does not develop. That’s why we have a constant focus on both the need to build more and better performing offices in terms of working conditions and to create a living environment that is as competitive as possible with Western Europe”, said Mihai Chirica, the mayor of Iași.

One of the most important topics discussed at the conference was about what motivates employees to perform and stay in a company beyond payment and benefits. The specialists recommendation was to create a positive working environment by respecting the needs of the employees, offering flexibility and opportunities for professional growth through involvement in various projects and roles.

In this context, it was also discussed the desire of new generations to have informal meetings with the manager and that nowadays, leadership and coaching, excellent communication, real interest for team members and active involvement in their professional development are the most important qualities that a manager should have. Another important conclusion was that the work motivation of employees, no matter what generation we are talking about, was always the same: to feel appreciated and their opinion to matter. The only difference from 20 years ago is that the new generation has the means to be more vocal and to ask for what they want to achieve in life.

Also, HR specialists have come to the conclusion that the most demanding skills, both now and in the future, include quick and efficient task-solving, analytical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, adaptability and ability to make decisions.

“ABSL gives great importance to the business services community in Iași. Thus, for the third consecutive year, we are tackling the challenges and opportunities of the industry, with industry experts and practitioners and together we seek solutions and facilitate the exchange of experience and best practices”, said Bogdan Pelinescu, President of ABSL.

Among the top companies that shared their experience were: SCC, Optima Solutions Services, Humano, BDO Romania, ACCA, KPMG. They presented case studies and examples of successful human resources practices targeted to business services industry.

The event was moderated by Colin Lovering, Senior Vice President Avison Young and Liliana Bizău, Senior Account Manager ABSL.