Adapting COR to the Outsourcing and SSC industry

//Adapting COR to the Outsourcing and SSC industry

It is a fact that both outsourcing industry and SSC are not adequately regulated in Romania, having missing some important legal aspects. Among them, we mention the following: proper job titles, specific to this industry, which should be included in the Romanian Job Classification Code (known as “COR”) and business activities, which should be specified in an enriched version of CAEN (“NACE” – Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community).

ABSL, at the initiative of Iulian Patrascanu, Lead Partner of Fine Law, is launching an important internal project which aims to adapt COR to provide for adequate job titles (specific to the relevant industry).

Thus, we take the opportunity to invite ABSL members to register to the working group which has as purpose to contribute to a project destined to update COR, by adding certain job titles, specific to the Outsourcing and the SSC industry.

We intend to have an agreed list of new COR codes by the end of August 2017, which will be used to develop the official request to modify the existing COR.

Iulian Patrascanu will coordinate this project and represent ABSL before the relevant authorities in achieving the envisaged modification of COR.

A kick-off meeting will be organised on 31 July 2017, at 10:30, at Fine Law offices (5 Barbu Delavrancea Street, Sector 1, Bucharest). Also, Iulian will explain in detail why is necessary to have specific COR codes for the relevant industry and what is the risk of continuing operating without such proper codes.

Please register to take part in this project at this link:

We will appreciate if you send your registration before 15th of July 2017.