[Meet the Leader] Adrian Stoian, Head of HR Services Center&Travel – KMG Rompetrol Services Center

//[Meet the Leader] Adrian Stoian, Head of HR Services Center&Travel – KMG Rompetrol Services Center

My name is Adrian Stoian and I am the Head of HR Services Center and Travel at KMG Rompetrol Services Center. In the last 7 years I covered different positions in the company, most of them in the control area, like audit, fraud, compliance, governance.

Since 1st of December 2017 I accepted the challenge to change from control of people to be close to the people as Head of HR in our SSC which has around 300 employees.

HR Services covers all Romanian entities from the Group and I am responsible for services in: Recruitment, HR Personnel Administration, Payroll, Training, Expats services, HR reporting and Travel.

How did you start your career? Which were your first steps? How did you envision your career?

My career started in 2001, after I finished my university studies, in a very big retailer from Romanian market as accountant under the wing of a special person, which managed to inspire to me the passion for numbers and improvements.

I started to sketch my career path in the numbers world and look for the right skills and competencies that were required for that.

First steps were in accounting department followed by a mix of positions between Finance and Controlling departments.

After couple of years in this area I felt that my aptitude is to combine work with figures and innovation (automatization).

Now, in HR, I am also looking for things that can automate the processes and to obtain the necessary time for my teams to be able to use their knowledge in development and not to make repetitive tasks which can be done by robots.

What were your key career moments (those that had an impact on your professional journey)?

The moments when I decided to change the company or industries. In general, I tried to be a stable employee and I worked for more years in the same company but in the same time I tried to develop myself by changing in different positions inside the same company. The change of the company it is coming with an emotional impact but in the same time it is with significant challenge and motivation that have direct impact in professional career.

What is the best three most valuable career lessons you have learned?

To assume responsibilities is building a strong character which gives you the power to pass all the difficult moments in your career life and makes others to rely on you.

To build and be surrounded by a competent team. To be a good leader you need to have a team which support you and on which you can rely on in the critical moments. If you do not have a strong team you will fail.

To fight for your dreams. Your dreams are the motivation to move further to the next step.

Why did you choose Business Service Industry? What were top 3 reasons for choosing Rompetrol?

Rompetrol is a very complex business with a lot of opportunities for development and learning. A reference in the industry on local market but also on international level, a powerful brand. A trustworthy worldwide partner and a valued corporate citizen.

What are your/your company’s plans for 2020?

To continue the improvements actions and optimise as much as possible the services in all HR Services Center departments.

What do you think would be the keywords of the year for managers in the Business Services industry? Automation? Cutting costs?

Automation, continuous improvement, prepare the people to take other roles that are transforming together with the technology’s evolution.

Tell us a little bit about your private life. Tell us about your passions, family. What do you do to relax?

I am trying to have a balanced life between work and family. In the free time, I prefer to travel and to visit amusement parks combining the fun with spending time together with the family.

If now you were starting your career, knowing the present and near future opportunities, what would you do? What career would you pursue?

Same, I have learned a lot from every role that I had.

What are the top 3 skills that you would develop?

For the future Emotional intelligence, complex problem solving, critical thinking.

What would you do and what would you avoid doing? – practical advice to young professionals.

To be flexible and adapt to business context, to enter in internship programs that offer the possibility gain personal and professional experience, to be strong and optimistic about the future. To avoid: being kept in only one activity.