Allianz Worldwide Partners (AWP), a subsidiary of Allianz SE, is the world’s leading B2B2C specialist for the automotive business, expatriate health and life cover, and assistance services. Since January 1st 2014, this global player combines the forces of three experts, Allianz Global Automotive, Allianz Worldwide Care and Allianz Global Assistance.
Allianz Worldwide Partners offers the most comprehensive integrated solutions for corporate clients in terms of product range, innovation, technology, worldwide support, partnerships and service ethos.
To remain at the cutting edge and fulfil these growing trends, Allianz Worldwide Partners continually invests in connected solutions and technology in mobility, telehealth and smart homes, to name a few. The customer is at the heart of everything it does, starting with a deep understanding of their value chain, then enhancing the solutions at different levels, all to provide customers and employees an unparalleled service and experience. Continuous care, protection and help is guaranteed, wherever it is needed.
AWP is operating service delivery centres in more than 30 countries, speaking 40+ languages to offer best-in-class customer experience. AWP Romania, located in Bucharest, has started in May 2014 as such a service delivery centre, serving clients at a global level in order to:

  • Provide seamless cross country services for local and global brands
  • Deliver high quality services worldwide whilst maintaining cost competitiveness
  • Ensure global consistency by implementing best practices
  • Increase flexibility to scale up and down
  • Support the development and roll out of new and innovative products