Careers in Business Services: Allianz Partners

//Careers in Business Services: Allianz Partners

Radu–Mircea Moldovan – Project Implementation Manager | Allianz Partners

“My name is Radu–Mircea Moldovan and I’m Project Implementation Manager within Allianz Partners.  Overall, concerning my experience I can mention 1.5 year in customer service (IT help desk level 1), 7 years in finance area for pharma companies (different roles as clerk, management trainee and team leader for accounts receivable, payable, general ledger, indirect procurement and T&E) and now, with Allianz for almost 3 years.

The main three challenges for the business service industry noticed from a macro level are: 1. unpredictability of financial regulatory system in Romania 2. poor training level / low knowledge of the human resources that enter this industry as new joiners 3. slow adaptability rate to change and to this dynamic sector.

In my opinion there are plenty of opportunities, in each part you look in this sector. Starting with opportunities in areas like harmonization and standardization in operations, and then going to the variety of HR landscape, followed by marketing and sales with new innovative products, growth, global and local acquisitions, up to changing the company strategy.

The main skills, to make it or break it in this industry are: 1.communication skills (including all sub skills as well as language capabilities)  2. customer focus 3. open for change or adaptability. Overall the business service industry is growing fast in Romania and this demands from us to adapt and find better solutions to an even more complex environment in the near future.”

Carmen Stoian – Claims Officer | Allianz Partners

“My name is Carmen Stoian and I have been working at Allianz for almost 6 months. I have graduated the ABSL Master in Business Services and now I am a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Economic Studies Bucharest.

During my Master degree, I’ve got in touch with BPO essentials and I have developed a broad understanding of how my generation can make an impact and – why not, reshape the workplace. This was also the subject of my final thesis, which has been developed in a business project, recognized for its practical value by being implemented globally in the business operations of a BPO company.

Having your academic experience strongly connected with the business reality gives you the opportunity to have a better comprehension of the inner workings of an organization and it helps you bring your innovative spirit in a real debate.

The Business Services industry is fast developing, offering impressive opportunities for freshly graduated and knowledge thirsty students. The talent that characterizes today’s workforce is not the same as that of ten or fifteen years ago, and some of the jobs that will have a significant importance in the future have not yet been discovered.

Having worked for a couple of years within this industry, in my view, the new generations should develop their digital and emotional intelligence along with the most in-demand multi-language skills as key competences.”