Careers in Business Services: APT Resources & Services

//Careers in Business Services: APT Resources & Services

Simona Dobre, Head of Outsourcing – APT Resources & Services

“I had the opportunity to be in close connection with the Business Service industry in Romania since it’s beginning, which opened the way to being in a position to define, built and grow at an exponential rate. Though this process I was lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from the best in class experts that were extremely supportive in sharing their expertise. Since then I have been in the position to take part in complex organizational changes orchestrating both operational and communication management processes.

Even though the complex organizational changes were challenging at the time, they proved to be the most valuable and enriching experiences, showing us that magic really happens outside our comfort zone! In order to navigate this industry, the most important 5 skills would have to be: drive, focus, adaptability, empathy and last but not least listening.

The Business Service industry in Romania will continue to grow in size and complexity in the following years being one of the most effervescent industries with limitless career opportunities for all level of expertise. In order to support the ever-growing business needs, it would need to be focused on human resources and digitalization, while decision agility will be an important trait of companies that will allow them to adapt in real time to the constant market changes and thus gain a competitive advantage.”

Vasile Bianca-Mihaela, Junior Recruitment Consultant – APT Resources & Services

“I realised that being part of the HR industry specialised in recruiting for Business services industry, means having a dynamic job, with the possibility to interact with various types of people. I believe that working as a recruitment consultant gives me the opportunity to understand both sides: the candidates’ and the managers’/clients’ side. The HR industry is beautiful especially because of the overview that one can achieve from the market.

The experience and skills acquired at APT opened my career path. From a medium-term perspective, I intend to continue developing a career in Recruitment and HR related fields. My option for the future is to develop my skills within the HR industry in an agency or in an internal recruitment department. Furthermore, I aspire of reaching the next step, meaning a HR generalist or HR BP position.

The necessary skills in order to be successful within the Business Services industry consists in gathering as much knowledge as possible along with understanding the labour law and the positions that you are managing. Of course, soft skills play an important role and by this, I mean communications skills, adaptability, organizing and planning.

In my opinion, this industry allows you to interact with different types of people and businesses, giving you an overview of the candidate market. The daily challenges prepare you for the future and help you grow professionally.”