Careers in Business Services: HP Inc. Romania

//Careers in Business Services: HP Inc. Romania

When talking about careers, HP Inc. Romania takes pride in creating the perfect mix for our colleagues to grow within our organization.

Zsolt started his professional development within the company 7 years ago, while Cristina joined us last year in the Heroes Academy Internship Program. Here’s what they have to say about being part of HP.

 “My name is Zsolt Nagy, and I am a Change Manager for digital transformation projects at HP Inc. I am part of the active workforce for 14 years, of which 7 years in the industry under HP, where I have had 6 different roles within 5 teams. I now handle the impacts of new projects on the end user, whether he/she is an internal employee or external customer/partner. 

My journey at HP started with a language skill, I speak Hungarian and the Special Pricing team needed a speaker for a role that just freed up. This role needed me to know the operational process and interact with stakeholders/partners in a professional manner. It was at this role that I understood the importance of communication skills, which eventually led me to my next team.

In this new opportunity, while I did get entry again due to my Hungarian skills, I needed to learn hard skills (HTML and Photoshop). Also, with time I got the chance to work on projects as well, developing yet another skill.

At the end of the day I believe you need to have a skill for entry, but your overall growth and advancement in the industry depends on your willingness to learn and acquire new ones.

This is also what the industry needs: people who constantly develop, are flexible and have a growth mindset. In a constantly changing technological era, we are not allowed to idle if we wish to keep up and stay competitive.”

“Hello! My name is Cristina-Andreea Melente and I work as a Credit Analyst in the Credit & Collections Department. 

I recently graduated the Faculty of International Business and Economics and I am currently enrolled in a Master Program entitled “Financial Management and Investments”.

One of the main reasons why I have chosen this field is because I was looking for a job related to Finance and this job was offering me exactly what I was looking for in terms of daily tasks and opportunities to learn and grow in the field. Being a domain that offers constant opportunities with the implementation of new tools, new legislation and requirements to evolve from knowledge perspective, I do consider that this industry looks for people with knowledge in the field (economical/financial acumen, a certified level of the languages known, if the case), but also communicative, team workers, creative and with a strong sense of leadership people.”