Careers in Business Services: Vertiv

//Careers in Business Services: Vertiv

My name is Ali Hamdan and I’m Vertiv Head of Professional Services in Cluj, i look after the services provided from our Cluj center in accounts receivables, customer service, channel sales & sales support, engineering services, HR, legal, marketing, software development, supply chain…   I started working in the Business Services 10 years back in one of the largest High-Tec organizations, I took over several managerial positions and participated in couple of acquisitions and transitions. In 2014 a joined one of top BPO and transformation companies and I managed a large portfolio of customers in Industrial, Manufacturing, Services and Media businesses with delivery centers across Europe and a wide range of services from back office to front office.

Maine challenges in the industry are the ability of organizations and protentional candidates to adapt to the speed of changes that happen in our industry and the new trends in the market starting from digital, going to RPA, or using machine learning and AI in our core activity.”

We are living in a fast changing word in which we need to be nimble in our thinking and decision making, in the same time we need to be adaptable to changes and being able to calculate risks and opportunities will running, in my opinion those qualities and behaviors are key in our business, although this fast changing word which feels like racing is giving me the opportunity to learn fast and unlearn from my past experience which will make my package of knowledge valuable for the long run and will insure that my experience is relevant for the future.”

My name is Sergiu Tiulimeanu and I’m about to lay down the story that brought me to the state I’m currently in. A story about my breed, that was thought extinct, until first signs of life came from the realm of Vertiv: The Inbound Marketing Wizard is among us once again.

After 5 years of apprenticeship in mastering the paths of public relations, advertising and digital marketing in the Babes-Bolyai school of magic, the wizard went into a remote place where he could sharpen the skills learnt: a small digital marketing agency.

Then, when the online content crafting skills, the ambiguous Search Engine Optimization spells and magical digital marketing strategy potions were good enough, it was time to rise again and come among its peers. Not an easy task, because coming from solitude into the world required cold blood, emotional intelligence, a sharpened sense of self-awareness and organizational skills + as much confidence as possible. So, the Wizard opened his mind and got on his way.

Then, the realm of Vertiv came into sight, which was in The Great Battle of Google SERPS, for the dominance of the critical infrastructure technology. Here, all the magical potions learnt, and a ton of new ones were thrown into the fight. Then, we reached the next level together: we needed to defeat the mighty and fearful King Google the Omniscient. Then a strategy was born.

But time passed, and times have changed.

The wizard now needs to bring in clear-sightedness to unleash the potential of every asset, product, action, and event.  He needs to enchant the Christal Globe and after brewing the right magical potion, to get the assets to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

Powerful white magic from our ancestors and the mightiest of spells need to be combined into the right mix of channels, tactics, and practices to engage that audience and generate demand.

The Realm of Vertiv was never stronger, never more dynamic and never more powerful. Its many inhabitants all work as one, relentlessly, to fulfill a long-gone dream: Make the Realm of Vertiv the greatest ever seen on Earth. This can only be done in collaboration, harmony and understanding. Which is exactly why I choose Vertiv.”