Careers in Business Services: Office Depot

//Careers in Business Services: Office Depot

Alina Cristian – European Accounts Payable Operations Manager | Office Depot

“Office Depot is the company that helped me grow into the professional that I am today.

Who am I? I am Alina Cristian, European Accounts Payable Operations Manager, managing a department of 70 people with 5 years experience in Customer Service and 12 years experience in Financial Services.

How did I get here? For me, Office Depot has been a journey where every day is a learning opportunity and this brought me from the entry level Collector, through Performance Management area, challenging  Project Management experiences, intense Process Improvement initiatives to managing an amazing top of the class AP team.

What keeps me up and running? The learning by doing, the team that we’ve built, the ongoing challenges, the problems we solve, the results we achieve, the inspiration that I find in my team,my peers and my managers.

What does it take? Be passionate about everything that you do, do not give up when things get tough and never stop building . Look around and recharge from yours and your team’s achievements and the great people around you.”

Andra Tigu – Senior Process Specialist AP | Office Depot| Office Depot

“Office Depot is a company where hard work and passion never go unnoticed and I felt it on my own. I’m Andra Tigu and I started working in the Business Services Industry when I was still a student at FSEGA studying International Business and Economics. Office Depot trusted me and offered me the support I needed to develop myself. I had great opportunities each year, I’ve been involved in projects where I could show my drive for results and learning on the fly skills, my ability to deal with ambiguity and to manage complex tasks. After 5 years I still enjoy working here as a Senior Process Specialist for Accounts Payable. There is diversity, flexibility, strong team spirit and the people are just amazing.”