Careers in Business Services: OMV Petrom Global Solutions

//Careers in Business Services: OMV Petrom Global Solutions

Bucur Adelina Florentina, Application Manager | IOC SAP Purchasing & Maintenance Department – OMV Petrom Global Solutions

“I joined OMV Petrom as a fresh grad in 2017 and I can tell now that it was a very nice, interesting and full of learning journey with lots of future opportunities.

I succeeded to develop faster and have different learning experiences thanks to each team member of our team who helped me understand and work on SAP Material Management operational topics. Also in my first year of experience, I had already the chance to coordinate a team of students for a project in the Petrobrazi refinery. Therefore, I was able to develop my technical and analytical skills and also to be more efficient in day-to-day work collaboration and communication.

In my second year, I already took the opportunity to become an Application Manager for several SAP systems where I learned the importance of creating a network and bringing colleagues to work together closer in order to achieve more.

But what really motivated me to choose OMV Petrom?  The people. The people that I met in my first interviews and the entire good energy around. Being one of the most important companies in Romania with lots of work opportunities and career development is already known by everyone.

In addition, lately I went together with my team to visit Moreni, in order to understand better the Upstream process and I was surprised to find out that my grandfather worked there too. So being part of the Energy & Oil industry at Petrom is in my blood.

Nicolae Nistor, Professional in Portfolio & Sales Management | Property Management, Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) – OMV Petrom Global Solutions

“I graduated from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Faculty of Management. At the moment I am continuing a master’s degree in Management Consultancy and Business Development, within the same faculty. I chose to be part of this Business Services Industry because by its nature it is designed to promote efficiency, improve services, or bring added value to the internal customer. Here I see the opportunity to develop a series of skills that are more difficult to acquire in the traditional structures of a company.

Being a semi-autonomous business unit, the career opportunities for us, the juniors, are various. We can grow both vertically, by advancing on a higher position, as well as horizontally, at the department level, the entire business sector, or even in the internal client’s business. In this way, the skills that I consider to be main in this industry are communication, teamwork, adaptability, proactivity, planning and technological skills.

In my opinion, in a Business Services Industry there is a need for creative young people, full of energy, who see things differently and who adapt easily to technological and environmental changes.”

Țîncu Denisa – Andreea, IT Infrastructure Specialist | Global IT Operations Center, DC Operations, Data Center Services – OMV Petrom Global Solutions

“When I heard about the opportunity to join OMV Petrom right after graduating university, I knew this was a chance I could not miss so I took a shot and became one of the students who were accepted in the Fresh Graduates program. This experience has helped me growing and developing both technical and soft skills.

During my first year, as a junior Infrastructure Specialist, I have learnt how the whole infrastructure functionality is being maintained, how the Data Center works and most important of all, how to react in case of something goes wrong or is malfunctioning. Thanks to my colleagues and managers who guided me through this whole junior year and my ability to learn faster, now I’m capable to resolve various issues, analyze systems and identify any components or flows that can be modified in order to better suit the company’s needs. Here I have gained an opportunity to work in a Data Center environment and improve existing documentation and procedures, but I have also learned how to manage my time better when I am fulfilling different tasks. Being organized, detail-oriented and having the curiosity to do research made it possible for me to grow the technical skills I now own.

During this challenging journey I have been in for over 2 years now, I kept gaining more and more knowledge, allowing me to reach the next professional level.

However, my true motivation was the fact that people here believed in me and spent their time explaining how the company and this industry works and contributing in defining my career, as this is my first job. The most important thing that I learnt by being part of OMV Petrom is that working together and not against each other is the path to success. The strength of a team is not the strength of each member but how they all function together.: