Careers in Business Services: Process Solutions

//Careers in Business Services: Process Solutions

Alexandru Prunariu, Manager – Process Solutions

“My name is Alexandru Prunariu. I joined Process Solutions in 2010 during my last year of studies. During these nine years I have learned and practiced a great deal: from basic technical skills, as a Staff Accountant, to People Management and Client Relationship Management, as a Team Leader, and now, as newly promoted Manager, I am developing my Business Skills.

Throughout this period, I worked for 15 clients from different industries, such as automotive, media, agriculture and e-commerce. This was in a standard outsourcing environment, working mainly in our office. But the standard pattern was, luckily, broken by two less usual projects.

Firstly, I worked in the internal department of a leading restaurant chain, being involved in controlling and budgeting. This experience broadened my perspective and now I better understand how accounting, controlling and operations are integrated within a company. The second project was conducted at Process Solutions Group level. For one year I was a member of the team that is designing tomorrow’s company. This extensive project consists of building processes and tools for automation and paperless office as well as an integrated capacity planning and management system.

Although I encountered many technical challenges, I believe that what really makes a difference are interpersonal skills. Everything we do involves people, whether it’s the team, clients or various stakeholders. In this context, one of the biggest challenges is understanding everyone as a professional and as a person. Other important ingredients of success in outsourcing are, in my opinion, analytical thinking, teamwork, flexibility, commitment and continuous learning.

We all see the industry changing towards automatization. In this context, machines and robots will take care of transactional processes, pushing humans towards activities that create extra value. The war for talent is going to increase in intensity, therefore finding and keeping the right people will make the difference.”

Adriana Ciuperca, Manager – Process Solutions

My name is Adriana Ciuperca, I joined Process Solutions in 2011, with much enthusiasm regarding accounting and outsourcing. My expectation was to learn and grow professionally at fast pace and so I did.

I started as a Junior Accountant, learning and practicing basic technical skills, then honing these to A the next level, as an Experienced Accountant.

After 3 years I became a Senior Accountant & Team Leader, responsible for coordinating a team and a client portfolio. It was quite a challenge! It implied developing in new areas, called “development dimensions” at Process Solutions:  work management, team leading and client relationship management. It felt like a lot of pressure at the beginning. Then gradually this pressure developed into positive challenge and satisfaction. The main outcomes were satisfied clients and development of my team.

In the last 2 years I was part of a Leadership Development Program created in-house by Process Solutions. It involved an Assessment & Development Centre that highlighted the main needs for my development. Together with my colleagues, I worked on these during an intense 6-month period within a framework named “Support and Challenge Group”. I was coached and mentored by 5 experienced consultants in areas such project management, leading people, networking, business management and strategic planning.

Part of the development program was exposure to PS Group level projects. I was in charge of a project that consisted of collecting best practices and recommending improvements in the area of Statutory Compliance.

In September this year I made the next significant step and moved into the Manager role. It felt like climbing a rocky mountain – difficult, but achievable with stretching targets, hard work and the right coaches. Surely, it has been a rough path, but worth the effort!

Irina Iordache, Staff Accountant II – Process Solutions

“My name is Irina Iordache. I chose accounting as a profession at the age of 14 when I joined an economic high school. This summer I graduated from Academy of Economic Studies – Accounting and Management Information Systems.

Because outsourcing in accounting seemed appealing to me, during my studies at the university I started working at Process Solutions. After a successful internship, I continued as Staff Accountant I. Recently I took the next step to Staff Accountant II, working within a team of 8.

I found an agile environment with a lot of development opportunities, which helped me get out of my comfort zone. In just one year and a half I worked for six clients in three ERP systems: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics Navision and Axapta.

The skills I identified as being important in my day to day activities are logical thinking, patience, good time management, adaptability and team spirit.

I am at the beginning of a long journey and I look forward confidently to the future.”