Careers in Business Services: TOTAL Global Services Bucharest

//Careers in Business Services: TOTAL Global Services Bucharest

George Cuculici, Senior Accounts Payable Analyst – TOTAL Global Services Bucharest

“My name is George Cuculici, and I am a Senior Accounts Payable Analyst within TOTAL Global Services Bucharest. I started working in the Business Services sector six years ago, and I can say that it can be a “thrive and evolve” environment for everybody.

Taking part in the action that is happening inside the TGSB team has been a significant milestone in my professional life.

This energetic scene has supplied me the chance to improve myself more by motivating me daily, facing cultural, workload, or deadline challenges, all of these, acting as a growth factor for my career.

Working in this industry can be a rough journey considering that this is the primary source of employment in the last years. A job like this can put to the test most of the soft skills of any given employee, the Flexibility, Communication, Team Work, Creativity, Work Ethics, or Interpersonal skills, these being the most important to me.

This industry can be highly rewarding, offering professional opportunities from a wide range of domains, making it a “tool” in reinventing yourself.”

Carmen Lacatus, Accounts Payable Specialist for Congo – TOTAL Global Services Bucharest

“My name is Carmen Lacatus and I am an Accounts Payable Specialist for Congo. I have a degree in  Business Administration from Bucharest University of Economic Studies. I chose to start my career with TGSB because it gave me both the opportunity to work in accounting/finance, the subject that attracted me the most during my studies, and to be permanently in touch with the French language. I found the prospect of learning how to use SAP to process invoices and to communicate with colleagues from a francophone country appealing and useful for developing skills at the same time. I am also delighted to collaborate with Total, because it has the resources to help build a greener future in the oil industry. My professional goal is to learn as much as I can about my area of competence, as well as to perform at my best and participate in one of the future transactions of the service center. The skills that are needed for working for TGSB as a junior are, aside from a basic knowledge of economics and accounting, curiosity, openness, team spirit and a sense of responsibility.”