Careers in Business Services: Valoris Center

//Careers in Business Services: Valoris Center

Valentin Mihai Dragomir, IT Technician – Valoris Center

“Working as an IT technician within the BPO industry has always been a rewarding experience. Facing new challenges every day kept me motivated to grow, to evolve and to transform each obstacle into an opportunity.

Starting as a technical support agent allowed me to develop my software troubleshooting abilities and to improve the language and communication skills necessary to perform in the Valoris Center’s highly professional environment.

Stepping up to IT Technician for the following years had opened new career paths for me as I‘ve had the chance to understand how the business processes and the whole BPO industry works. Network security, software testing, application deployment and automation scripting are a few examples of the broad spectrum of IT activities that are required for implementing new projects, as well as for maintaining and streamlining existing ones.

In an industry where quality, efficiency and innovation are key elements in securing the business success, finding a positive and ambitious team in Valoris was a strong advantage for me.”

Matei Șerbu, Junior CRM Developer – Valoris Center

“As a commitment to excellence, Valoris Center has a dedicated department of “Support, Reporting and Development” for Software Applications. This “in-house” approach ensures fast software development, reliable processes and competitive pricing for our clients in the BPO Market.

My name is Matei and I am proud to be part of this department. Four years ago, none of my competences recommended me for this job, as I previously worked in Insurance and Banking Sales and I was having a Master and PhD in Economics. I was determined to switch my career to Software Support and Development, as it was an old passion of mine. A company with very good development perspectives in a booming BPO Industry, Valoris, believed that a professional reconversion is possible for me, as their HR employees are well trained to think “outside the box”.

I first started as a Junior Support and Reporting Analyst and found a wonderful, open-minded, department that accepted my new ideas and perspective. Bust most of all, a team that never refused to fuel my constant need for continuous learning. Together we managed to improve and automate many processes and, as a result, I advanced to a Senior role in a fairly short period of time. As a natural next step in my career, I am now a Junior Developer, proficient in working with various apps and programming tools.

As the BPO Industry keeps evolving so does the competition between companies. We are now taking the first steps toward a cutting-edge technology: Robotic Process Automation.  This will further increase our range of BPO services and will also create new job opportunities.”