Careers in the Business Services Industry: Majorel Romania

//Careers in the Business Services Industry: Majorel Romania

Careers in the Business Services Industry – Majorel Romania

Tudor George Teodoridis – Service Delivery Manager, Majorel Romania

“Working since 2002 in the Business Services industry and managing teams and projects for more than 15 years in fast-paced environments, is the easiest way to introduce myself.

During the early stages in my professional career, I have work with Vodafone on various roles, coordinated large and diverse teams in multiple locations, kicked-off special projects or lead operational efficiency or value-adding programs. After exploring the entrepreneurship during a short transition, I have joined Majorel (formerly Arvato) in a Service Delivery role where I’ve mirrored my previous experience from a BPO perspective, adding comprehensive budgeting and account management knowledge.

Having lead multi-site teams of up to 350+ individuals, technical and 2nd level of support, enhanced my ability to lead through people more than through system and processes only.

Throughout these years, every experience I have faced enabled me to become more open to feedback, flexible, human-centric and to find creative ways to solve any challenge.

The main lesson I have learned was people are the real differentiator when executing a business strategy, hence treating them as individuals, friends, being an active member of the team; rather than having a strictly hierarchical or professional relationship is the key to great results.

I find our industry being a good place to start building your career and a great “school” to develop a broad range of skills, from communication and time management to creativity and people-related skills, by providing great opportunities for anyone open, eager to learn and to adapt quickly to new requirements.”

Careers in the Business Services Industry – Majorel Romania

Cosmin Rosu – Project Manager, Majorel Romania

“My name is Cosmin Rosu and for more than 8 years I have been working in the Business Services Industry where throughout the years I have been exposed to an environment that created and shaped me into the professional I am today.

Getting hired initially as a Customer Service Agent while I was still a student at an Economics University, I found within Majorel a framework that offered me the possibility to learn new skills like becoming more people oriented and handling difficult situations, challenging myself every day.

In my opinion, flexibility, creativity and being open to feedback are some of the skills that can definitely help any young person start on a path that can offer many career achievements in just a couple of years with roles that require to lead people, create and facilitate content as a trainer or analyze and find solutions for some of the most interesting scenarios.

With my current role as an Operations Manager I gained complete insights into what it really means to drive a business to success by having to put in practice the experience earned from each of the roles I had within the organization that offered me the opportunity to grow from a young student to a full-on business professional manager.”