Careers in the Business Services Industry: Waters Romania

//Careers in the Business Services Industry: Waters Romania

Careers in the Business Services Industry – Waters Romania

Silvia Dragomir: Junior Software Tester, Waters Romania

“My name is Silvia Dragomir and I’d like to share with you why I’ve chosen to become a Junior Software Tester for Waters Romania.

As a person who always had a passion for science, I always believed that working in the industry represents both a great opportunity and a big challenge.
Last year I’ve graduated the University of Pharmacy and now I am enrolled in a master’s degree in the Analysis and Control of Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products. During all this time, my passion for natural sciences was the trigger of my career orientation. Technology was also one of my strong interests. I’ve realized at one point that selling medicines was not challenging enough for me, so I’ve decided to make a career change. I was looking for a new start in a company that brings together science and IT, in an industry under continuous development and innovation, with a great impact on the scientific world, and on the quality of life. A job that would make me feel proud of what I do.

As you can imagine, going from Pharmacy to Software Testing was a big shift, and this came with many responsibilities. I love the amount of new information I receive and the new skills I develop daily. And what makes this job amazing is having the flexibility to work in different departments, to explore new fields, and all this together with a great team of professionals.

For the future, I plan to evolve as much as possible in this industry. As they say, do what you love, and success will follow.”

Adriana Untaru: Principal Software Engineer, Technical Lead, Water Romania

“I joined the company that became part of Waters in 2000, immediately after I graduated university.

My professional growth started inside a team of experienced software engineers. My first challenge at that time was to use the theory I knew, by learning from the practical wisdom of my team mates. They became coaches and mentors for me. After years, I knew how to be the same for my colleagues.

The software industry is continually changing due to technology evolution. After 7 years of programming, my next challenge was to learn a completely new technology stack. While applying the new knowledge into production I discovered gradually the real beauty of software design. The activity of writing source code became more like a formality, a way to express solid software design that would pass the test of time. Designing and implementing low-level reusable software components gave me the chance to experiment smart solutions for software flexibility, robustness and performance.

I worked both as individual contributor and as a team member. As individual contributor, being both accountable and responsible for the work is an interesting challenge. Inside the team, I discovered the beauty of brainstorms, joined efforts and collective achievements.

Within the role I have today, the technical experience and learning orientation are valuable assets. But more important is the relation with my colleagues. When I express appreciation about their efforts, they continue to work better, “move mountains” of challenges and enjoy good results together.”