Cristian Cosmescu: “Here at TMF Romania, we are all part of one family”

//Cristian Cosmescu: “Here at TMF Romania, we are all part of one family”

An article by Cristian Cosmescu, SEE HR Cluster Manager & Andra Ardeleanu, Regional Talent Acquisition Lead – TMF Romania

Being part of the financial services industry means fast-paced and dynamic days, there is never a dull moment. There’s something for everyone, from graduates to experienced professionals. We value enthusiastic, energetic new joiners who can learn quickly and thrive in a global-facing role. We have more than 125 offices in over 90 countries  and over 7,000 staff worldwide.

The average age group make-up of our employees is around 30 years old with higher education qualifications (completed or in progress), and advanced proficiency of at least one foreign language. The gender balance in the local office is about 80% ladies – 20% gentlemen, but we are all united in our passion for our work and our clients. 

We have reinvented our benefits package, integrating medical services with leisure offerings such as a great partnership program we have with Bookster. We are also focusing on initiating more team-building and wellness activities to foster better internal communication and teamwork. We organise monthly breakfast sessions  and  get together for “Pizza Day” with the management – allowing us to bond and better access our management team. Here at TMF Romania, we are all part of one family and we make sure to celebrate each and everyone’s birthday with lots of cake, flowers and fun! Fun and games aside, we do take personal development seriously and ensure that our team set aside time for personal development sessions with the HR team.

But the best upside of working with TMF Romania and certainly not least, is the central and strategic location of our office. We are just a few minutes away from the Tineretului metro station and is centrally accessible through other public transportations, making commuting to work an easier feat. We also have a great outdoor space for a breath of fresh air as the office is situated between two scenic parks which serves as popular outdoor meeting and hang-out spot for our team.

Our people are as diverse as the countries and cultures we operate in, but they all have one thing in common: they go the extra mile. We are committed to providing a supportive environment that enables our people to pursue their passions in the workplace.

In shaping a supportive environment, we believe that the workplace should instill a sense of comfort where employees are able to focus on their priorities without being constrained by the nitty gritty of a rigid corporate structure. This is why we have implemented a smart-casual dress code – being presentable yet comfortable allows our team to be at ease at work and focus on their delivery.

The typically dynamic nature of our  work can mean that days here are fast-paced, so we encourage our employees to always take a breather when they need to – we have a fully functional relaxation room with wireless speakers located on each floor, so everyone can play their favourite music and add a little groove to their every day tasks! 

TMF Romania provides consultancy services in specifically Accounting and Payroll & Human Resources –  we primarily focus on certifications such as ACCA, CECCAR and CCF, but we have a global learning and development team that provides a plethora of training and learning courses to everyone across the organisation. Employees are free to enrol in any courses we offer; be it a soft skills and personal development training or even technical trainings that is outside of their areas of expertise.

We believe that the education of  new graduates  should be supported as much as possible by the private sector. Students need access to  the areas of learnings beyond the classroom in order to be fully prepared to kickstart their careers. In this respect, we play our part by actively  supporting and collaborating with several university faculties in Bucharest. Some of the ways we do this is through hosting sharing sessions, organizing workshops in our office and we offer a wholesome internship programme to students.

We currently have a number of open positions within our local Accounting and Payroll/HR departments. We are looking for people with a beginner’s level of experience and exposure within the field (6 months – 1 year) who want to further develop the knowledge and exposure they already have through a global career with us.

We are also currently recruiting for global roles that will work with the central structure of TMF Group. These are great opportunities for those who wish to gain international exposure and build a global career portfolio.

If building a global career portfolio alongside a supportive team is what you are looking for, view our vacancies and apply to join our team today!