Cristina Man – Valoris Center: “Great expectations” for 2019

//Cristina Man – Valoris Center: “Great expectations” for 2019

For Valoris, 2018 was a good year with an increase in revenue of 10%. By extending our portfolio of services and by completing the rebranding process as a BPO company, we have succeeded in attracting new customers, mainly from the e-commerce industry.

Also, in 2018 we have been focusing on developing our employer brand. This helped us create an efficient recruitment strategy in which we’ve integrated more non-traditional recruitment channels. Regarding our employer branding activities, we have also organized the Career Shadowing event. The project’s purpose was to reveal to young students what a working day at Valoris looks like, so we gave them the opportunity to spend an entire day with us. Students were able to discover how we work and what’s really the environment within our company.

We’re always striving for progress and our expansion plans for 2019 consist in continuing the good work that we’ve started last year. For the current year, our main objective is to increase customers’ satisfaction. We intent to do this by anticipating their needs, by implementing innovative solutions and by automating our working processes, so we can make sure that we’re going to bring added value to our clients, through our services. Another objective is to double the working capacity at our headquarters in Vâlcea and to develop our recruitment, staffing and IT services. Thus, we strive for maintaining the growth trend for increasing our operational income. Also, because our employees have always been one of our top priorities, we’ll continue to focus on enhancing our employer brand in the market and to organize periodically more employee engagement activities within our company.

Therefore, we have great expectations regarding our development plans in 2019 and we’re confident that we’re going to achieve all our goals by the end of the year. We’ll certainly focus more on promoting Valoris’ services, on automating our work processes and on technological development. Regarding the growth of our employer brand, we want to improve our employees experience at the workplace and we intend to build special designed relaxation areas.

If we speak about the whole business industry, we feel that the request for chat and social media as customer support channels, as well as the number of clients who utilize those channels is constantly growing, so we adapt to this trend. Valoris wants to continue to provide professional services and innovative solutions to ease its clients’ work.

Like every year, we know that 2019 will be challenging. Perhaps one of the biggest challenge that we’ll be facing will be to implement automated processes for workflow improvement. Because our industry is becoming more and more dynamic, our focus will be on anticipating our clients’ needs and on innovation. Another challenge for us, and for our industry, will be to train employees and candidates to truly understand the importance of one-on-one communication in our field of expertise. We’ll improve our training programs to help our employees understand how to approach the customers in the most appropriate way and to develop their communication skills.

Regarding our global industry, we believe that one of the challenges will be represented by data security. Thus, everyone’s efforts will be channeled into creating a more secure environment for customers, to protect their data, especially after adopting GDPR regulations. Another major challenge will be to integrate virtual assistants into the BPO activity, to take on the easiest, but repetitive tasks. Concurrently, companies from our industry will have to integrate artificial intelligence into their work processes, to communicate more efficiently with all their customers and to increase productivity. Of course, we know that these things are already necessary, but globally, they remain a challenge from a cost-related point of view.

We are part of an industry that is constantly expanding and the Romanian BPO market remains one of the most attractive for companies who are looking to outsource services. We believe that us, along with the other companies within our industry, must do our best to provide our clients with an excellent price-quality ratio. Valoris managed to do this over the years.

Our portfolio includes inbound, outbound, back-office, CRM and SaaS services, as well as recruitment, personnel leasing and training solutions. We are constantly developing our services, to provide our customers with the best solutions and all the support they need. Thus, we offer integrated communication channels and we are always willing to create and implement personalized solutions for each business. Therefore, among the competitive advantages that Valoris offers are customized solutions created to suit the needs of each client, flexibility in implementing projects for our customers, as well as professional support provided by Valoris’ specialists.

Cristina Man

General Manager

Valoris Center