[CSR] SG EBS sustainable actions for a better tomorrow

//[CSR] SG EBS sustainable actions for a better tomorrow

As a worldwide group, Societe Generale is fully committed to contributing to the positive transformations of the communities where it operates. Through innovative and responsible solutions the Group fights against climate change and aims to become a responsible employer engaging its employees  to take action against environment challenges through sustainable activities.

This commitment is a long-term one from everyone at Societe Generale, whether they work or are located in Paris, Bucharest or India. Everyone must become aware of their footprint in the ecosystem around them and realize that it’s time to change their ways of interaction with the environment.

As a consequence,  Societe Generale European Business Services (SG EBS) has begun to implement long-term internal campaigns for responsible waste selection and sustainable green activities which will help to better preserve the environment.

The main initiatives are focused on improved waste management by promoting recycling in the office, reducing paper consumption, decreasing energy consumption thus having an impact in reducing carbon emission.

Through our internal campaigns, we aim to raise awareness among our employees to become mindful of their habits and develop new behaviors both at home and at the office. Our leaders and managers are committed to support these type of initiatives and serve as ambassadors who constantly promote sustainable actions among our colleagues.

Changing mentalities and behaviors is a continuous learning process and investment. There is a saying “What it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed”. That is why, SG EBS has set measures and KPI’s which are continuously monitored in order to make sure that targets are achieved.

In 2018, SG EBS introduced selective collection by adding new trash cans in the office and removing all individual bins. Through awareness campaigns waste is now collected and recycled separately in three main categories: paper & cardboard, plastic & metal and household waste. Until now, 21 tons of waste (plastic & metal and paper) have been collected and recycled.

Internal educational programs and a new printing system has helped SG EBS reduce consumption of paper based items and raise awareness among employees on recycling for reducing carbon emissions.  The initiatives implemented so far resulted into 50% reduction of printing paper per year.

The decrease in energy consumption is another successful action implemented to reduce carbon emissions 7,5 CO2 tones per month have been reduced and a comparison between March 2018 and March 2019 shows that SG EBS has a decrease of 36% of  kWh per each employee.

Improve the waste management by collecting and recycling old electric and electronic equipment to reduce carbon emissions. SG EBS established a long-term collaboration with Ateliere Fara Frontiere (AFF) through which electric and electronic equipment is used at its full potential as AFF recycles and restores computers or laptops in order to donate them to schools or children from disadvantaged areas.  Also, SG EBS has created an area for employees to donate old electric and electronic equipment that is collected by AFF and recycled. Until now, 9512 kg of EWaste has been collected and this translates into 774 456,32 kg of CO2 avoided, 39 344 731 trees absorbing CO2 in one day or 134 844 cars removed from the road for one day.

In addition, workshops were organized for our colleagues to learn how to re-use and recycle small IT equipment: mouse, keyboards, etc.

All these initiatives and programs are backed up by our company’s long term commitment and employees’ engagement to invest in the community where we live as we all can have a positive contribution in building the world of tomorrow.