Daniela Vercellino, HR Director – SG EBS: “we support our employees in achieving their potential”

//Daniela Vercellino, HR Director – SG EBS: “we support our employees in achieving their potential”

ABSL discussed with Daniela Vercellino, HR Director – Societe Generale EBS and learned a lot about their amazing company and job opportunities.

Societe Generale European Business Services has at this point more than 1,700 employees which work for over 35 countries worldwide. The fields of services offered by the company are finance, HR, IT and corporate operations.

SG EBS has a diversity of profiles from jobs for young, unexperienced students to highly experienced professionals with skills in areas such as finances, project management, business analysts, developers, and many more. All SG EBS employees have a university degree, are open minded, willing to constantly evolve their professional skills and are accustom to new challenges. They have a creative approach to solving problems and to finding new and better ways of doing their daily work tasks.

Most of the colleagues from SG EBS are young, around 30 years old is the average age which translates into a big interest in CSR activities and volunteering in different social projects.

SG EBS is continuously exploring and carefully chooses the best customized remuneration packages for our employees, which places us among the top employers on the market.

There are 3 main directions through which SG EBS is offering the most relevant and up to date benefits:  total compensation, work environment and work-life balance.

That is why, all the employees have a corelated to the market salary, performance bonuses, a health package and a modern work space with all the technology needed for them to do their job as easy as possible.

Also, SG EBS is aware that each employee has its own priorities and interests so, the company implemented since last year a benefits platform with a monthly budget from where every employee can choose the type of benefit that he wants. The platform includes: meal tickets, transportation, insurance, private pension, gym subscriptions, trainings & courses and special experiences such as vacations, sports activities and other.

For the work-life balance, the employees that have more than 6 months within the company have the possibility to work from home, first one day per week, then 2 days per week.

SG EBS offers other benefits such as fruits day, on chair massage at the office, trainings courses and platforms, at the office activations, rewards and gifts for special occasions.

There are many things for which SG EBS is proud of and the work environment is top of the list. By having a great number of young professionals, the work atmosphere is relaxed, people collaborate easy, they have many things in common so, creating excellent teams is effortless.

The more experienced employees with a vast work background are easily becoming mentors and they integrated perfectly within the teams by been experts in their field/ industry.

Besides the atmosphere in the office, SG EBS is investing a lot in the work environment and is constantly transforming the office space into a modern place with high-tech solutions. The digital transformation process of the entire Societe Generale Group is a big influence for increasing flexibility, creativity and innovation.

Professional development is the key to offering high quality services to clients all over the world. That is why, SG EBS is investing in professional education of its employees by offering access to specialized courses based on the career path of each of them.

Supporting SG EBS’s employees in achieving their potential is one of our core action area, offering extensively a plethora of learning opportunities either through targeted learning interventions whenever needed or through internal development academies. We managed to develop a strong workforce adapting the learning initiatives to the business triggered development opportunities, engaging our colleagues through modern digital learning tools aiming at enhancing both soft and hard-skills. Some of our digital learning offering includes learning tools such as Pluralsight, Digital ACCA, Vodeclic and Coursera for professional upskilling and Busuu for language upskilling.

Considering the services that we offer we need candidates with skills in areas like: IT, HR, Finance and Corporate Operations.

More exactly we are searching for developers with 2-3 years of experience using different coding languages such as java, javascript, python, .net, C++ , support IT, business analysts and project managers with knowledge of French,  senior/experts accountants, regulatory reporting experts and French speakers graduates from ASE, Bucharest University and Polytechnics.