[Digital Transformation Journey] DB Global Technology

//[Digital Transformation Journey] DB Global Technology

Radu Brasoveanu is CTO at DB Global Technology

What was the level of digitalisation in your centre before COVID-19?

Even before the pandemic the level of digitalisation of DB Global Technology was very high, 99%. This was due to the solid business continuity plans we already had in place, which we have tested and improved on a regular basis. Starting March 11th, 99% of our employees were able to work from home.

How did COVID-19 impact digital transformation of your company?

Regarding the digitalization itself, there was not too much impact. The areas that required more attention were related to the communication infrastructure, tools for conferencing etc., that had to be scaled up. Besides that, we have also worked on making electronic signatures a valid option, and we managed to find solutions for shifting all our operations smoothly online.

What type of processes did you digitalise in the last 2 months?

Electronic signature for official documents.

What helped you the most during this period? And why?

The main differentiator was the fact that, starting with 2017, our business continuity plans and tests were reviewed and carried out at least twice a year. Their main outcome was to make sure that every employee can work from home without any decrease in quality, and the tests have been successful every time.

What was the hardest thing to do? And why?

The hardest thing to do was to maintain the cohesion of the teams, the high morale and engagement of the people who could no longer meet face to face. We tackled that in many ways as we wanted to keep the same culture and spirit. That’s why we moved online not only the ‘work’, but also the ‘life’ activities, such as fitness classes for kids and adults, workshops hosted by psychologists, coaching sessions, nanny services, competitions, photo contests, quizzes and many more.

Do you think COVID-19 is a before-and-after moment/turning point in digital transformation?

Yes, for many companies that did not have this focus, a major turnaround is required. In the new reality, it is very likely that people will work more and more from home. Therefore companies will have to secure the whole infrastructure and processes needed for delivering at high quality standards. This means both the operational infrastructure and the people related initiatives to keep employees engagement and facilitate communication.

How did your colleagues adapt and embrace digital transformation during the lockdown?

At DB Global Technology we deliver software applications and business services. Considering the industry, I can say that we were more than comfortable to do our job entirely in a virtual environment. People had to adapt more to the lack of face to face interaction rather than to carry out all their activities online. Keeping people close and informed was another ingredient for very successful operations we have had during the pandemic period.

Do you have a story or an image regarding this forced digitalization that you will remember or tell when someone will ask you about this period?

Yes, more than 45 colleagues, singing “happy birthday” for a colleague, using zoom.

What is the next step in your company digital transformation?

Independent from the challenging pandemic period, our main focus remains automation and similar high value added activities, in order to increase efficiency and streamline processes in a new agile mind-set.