2022 Reward and labor market trends

/2022 Reward and labor market trends
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ABSL and PwC have to pleasure to invite you to a Webinar on December 14, starting 10 AM, on the theme:

2022 Reward and labor market trends

Our speakers will showcase, in the first part of the event, labor market trends and key findings of the ABSL Annual Report. In the second part, there will be presented the functionalities of the PayWell platform, as well as some examples of how you can extract the information that you need.

For those who contributed with salary data, you have free access to the platform and connection details have been sent to the contact person in your company.

This event is dedicated to HR professionals in the business services industry.


  • Francesca Postolache – Audit Partner, VP ABSL Board as moderator
  • Alina Arsani – macro-economist to provide insights on the evolution of indicators that affect the labor market
  • Andreea Vilceanu – key account for SSC / BPO participants to present key findings of the ABSL survey in comparison with the overall PayWell survey
  • Madalina Pasca – project & product manager for the PayWell to walk you through the key functionalities of the platform
  • Oana Munteanu – People & Organisation lead to discuss key workforce and reward trends