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ABSL is continuously striving to support the business services ecosystem and for the past months, we have been online with our community every step of the way. And times impose to continue this way, but hopefully for a short while. So, we are excited to announce, for the first time: ABSL Annual Conference 2020 is going online!


Zooming has become part of our daily life in 2020 – we want to have an eagle eye on the tiny details and changes that the pandemic crisis has brought with it, but at the same time we keep zooming out to have a bigger picture of our industry.

Change in business happens fast and frequently now to a speed never seen before. Today’s leaders are forced to constantly adapt to new data and to focus in parallel on two timelines – long and short term, on the big and the small picture, on global and local.

They have to zoom daily toward both perspectives.

Making good strategic decisions, seeing opportunities and trends where everyone sees chaos while keeping the business going, employees safe and productive and customers happy, needs continuously adjusting the lens trough which leaders view the world.

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Conference opening

Welcome Remarks – President of ABSL

GBS: AGILITY during Unprecedented times

The year 2020 has brought unprecedented challenges. Representing the vision of companies employing approximately 29% of the total number of employees working in the industry, the Romanian Business Services Sector Report offers an image on the current status, as well as the industry expectation for cutting through the Uncertainty. This is the 8th Report published jointly by ABSL and KPMG.

Interview with Ms. Violeta Alexandru, Minister of Labour and Social Protection (in Romanian only)

12:00 – 13:00


How our brains and minds work in times of uncertainty and change

We set out to have a talk rooted in the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology about how our brains and minds work in times of uncertainty and change, how the physical disconnect is affecting our moods and minds and also what are the practical things we can do about it.

  • 14:00
  • Cătălin Micu
  • Alexandra Iorgulescu
  • Andreea Bucur
  • Roxana Florea

COVID-19 Response: Teleworking Past, Present and Future

The COVID-19 crisis has propelled employment issues to the forefront of every business leader’s agenda. Rising risks and challenges in workforce management are the new priorities and tackling these will not be simple.

Against this backdrop, a 360-degree perspective on the past, present and future of teleworking becomes necessary, including discussing the next set of topics:

• Teleworking vs. work from home or modern workforce models/flexibility vs. tradition/rigidity;

• Teleworking vs. workforce management (is employees’ productivity/creativity/talent development an issue?);

• Teleworking vs. employees’ wellbeing (new platforms in place for checking/securing employees’ wellbeing);

• Teleworking vs. recruitment, hiring & training;

• Teleworking vs. cost management.

Covid-19: Road to Recovery

The impact of Covid-19 has been brutal. While our first thoughts are rightly with the millions of people impacted from a personal perspective, the impact on the global economy has been as challenging as at any time since the Great Depression. Using the extraordinarily diverse skills and experiences of our community, ACCA has identified the key challenges facing organisations in the short-, medium- and long-term, and, critically, we present a Roadmap to Recovery.

Reimagine Next Normal Flexibility Profiles

What is your Flexibility profile: The Super Tele-Worker, The Social Gatherer, The Team Connector, The Workplace Friend, The Office Fan? With the rise of remote working and the recognition that focused work can take place anywhere, the task now shifts not only to reimagining how organizations should re-design their spaces for the updated role of the office, but also how to support leaders in managing their teams through change.

Digital Transformation – scaling up of capabilities / competencies

The Fourth Industrial Revolution needs trustworthy, auditable, accessible data, machine-readable information that is automatically updated using open data standards (such as XBRL or eXtensible Business Reporting Language) and global taxonomy registry and an open taxonomy innovation platform. Let’s discover together how this much-needed data revolution could be achieved and why accounting and compliance professionals who master the critical data in internal and external reports that drive the business will be invaluable.

12:00 – 13:00


Business Sustainability in WFH

• How to stay productive while working from home – Adrian Dinca

• Working from home: a love-hate relationship – Mihai Arghire

• The ‘must have’ Leadership Skills for 2021 – Colin Lovering

Customer Experience delivered in times of crises and beyond

• Service Delivery and enhancing customer experience during & after Covid-19 – Sunil Kumar

• Customer Experience during COVID 19 times – how companies manage human touch and quality of experience given the context – Irina Butnaru (Conduent)

The mind and body of the new organization

2020 is the year of change, no doubt. But we don’t need a pandemic with all the disruption it brought to see that the organizational culture has changed in the last years and it will continue to do so. Companies need to adapt to a new reality and to find new ways of communicating and motivating their employees. To see them as a whole and to apply mind and body development strategies.
Regina Maria will try to offer solutions to help keep the two aspects in balance during an insightful panel and with the help of three experienced professionals.

IMMUNE™, the Window into the Future Offices

It’s been 8 months since we work differently – yet who’s counting? – and more and more people wonder when they will return to their former lifestyle. Like it or not, we are the indoor generations; and now the pandemic forcibly articulated the need to transform our built environments in which we spend up to 90% of our time, so that our health is protected. How can we do that with IMMUNE™? Join us during the ABSL Conference to gaze upon the window into the future offices.

  • 10:00
  • Ilinca Popescu
  • Andrei Angelescu
  • Kinga Pakucs
  • Iulia Galinescu

Return to Better: Reinvent the Office

It is time to reinvent the office and hold it accountable to help people and teams do their very best work. During our session:

• Ilinca will cover parts of an upcoming Steelcase research into key macro shifts we will begin to see in offices going forward and the ways in which we need to challenge assumptions about how an office is planned

• Kinga and Iulia will give you a virtual walk-through of how we adapted our Steelcase Business Center in Cluj to emerging user needs and

• Andrei will welcome you to the Stables Co-Working Space for some insights into how satellite spaces can support your workplace strategy

The pandemic upended how we interact with people, how we shop, how we learn, and it will fundamentally change the places where we work. Employee expectations about their work experience are evolving, and after months of working from home, the things people valued about their office, and those that frustrated them have crystalized. Employees have the right to expect the office to be more than just a place to go to work — it needs to help them add value and feel valued. And organizations have the right to a workplace that creates a competitive advantage and easily adapts to changing needs and conditions. Employees need — and deserve — to return to a better workplace. But if organizations want to attract people back, they need to understand the drivers of change and how they are impacting what workers want now.

Thinking ahead of the curve. The recruitment challenges across global services locations – an offshoring landscape

Evaluate and evolve – after ten months’ business and new reality, the companies and managers from global services centers are looking for the best way to keep their activity in line and looking towards evolution. As the question, where to locate a services facility, should ultimately come down to talent, in this session, the Hays specialists in recruitment, will reveal you what are the newest trends in the business services sector from a global view perspective.

12:00 – 13:30


Business Opportunities in the Next Normal

No crisis has been as challenging in recent memory as the COVID-19 pandemic, severely testing the strength of corporations and the business guidelines under which they operate. For CFO’s, finance and business leaders, it has accelerated the need to create agile, resilient organizations with higher levels of digitization and to better equip their finance teams to deal with today’s rapid pace of change and to harness the opportunity to create value for their organizations.

Lead learning outcomes:

• Understand how adoption of new technologies and new ways of working bring agility to an enterprise

• Collaboration cross-functionally in a flatter, more tightly networked organization to improve business partnering

• Participate in value creation through active engagement in all dimensions of the business model

• Equip and prepare team for the shifts in competencies required

Corporate Culture Under Pressure

We’ve all been part of the sudden shift towards remote work and have already faced many of the new complexities in both communication as well as collaboration that were brought by the monumental changes and demands from most businesses, across all markets. We ourselves, have undergone drastic changes to our (formerly secure) business model and therefore fully understand the impact of these changes on the very structure of organizations across the country and the everyday experiences of their employees. Disruption to the rhythms of everyday and the lack of in-person human interactions has created a drain on social capital and professional networks.

Whilst many leaders have spent the last few months focused on managing through the immediate impacts of the Covid-19 crisis, now is the time to pause and reflect, evaluate and plan.

Each decision made and action taken has affected corporate culture in some small way, whether done consciously or not.

Dale Carnegie Romania will be exploring this topic in greater depth on the 19th November with a dedicated webinar that draws from our latest International research and offers key insights.

  • 15:00
  • Leonard Crisean
  • Silviu Dragomir
  • Maarten Oonk
  • Ievgeniia Lukianchenko

Digital evolution in COVID-19 era

• eWFM planning tools and AI Time Tracker – Leonard Crisean

• “Deliberately Disruptive”: Strategic Approaches to Digital Evolution in Times of Crisis – Silviu Dragomir

• Beyond the crisis – Expediting the future in times of accelerating change – Maarten Oonk

• Data is the lifeblood of business. Digital Transformation and RPA are key pieces to the puzzle – Ievgeniia Lukianchenko


Georgiana Andrei
Corporate Sales Director, Regina Maria The Health Network
Click for bio
Andrei Angelescu
Head of Architecture and Design COS
Click for bio
Mihai Arghire
Senior Trainer & Consultant Brightway
Click for bio
Gavin Bonner
Vice President | Genesis Property
Click for bio
Andreea Bucur
Country HR Lead WNS Global Services Romania
Click for bio
Irina Butnaru
Director Conduent
Click for bio
Leonard Crisean
Business Intelligence Manager
Click for bio
Ciprian Dan
President of ABSL
Click for bio
Adrian Dinca
HR Director, EMEA Manufacturing & GBS @ VERTIV
Click for bio
Silviu Dragomir
Co-Founder & Managing Partner Eucom Business Language
Click for bio
Maria Florea
Key Client Director  JLL Romania
Click for bio
Roxana Florea
Head of HR in Allianz Partners Romania
Click for bio
Iulia Galinescu
Workplace Consultant
Click for bio
Georgiana Grama
Team Leader SSC&BPO Recruitment Hays Romania
Click for bio
David Hand
Director of Strategic Employer Partnerships ACCA
Click for bio
Cristina Ionescu
Advisory Director, Head of KPMG Romania Outsourcing HUB
Click for bio
Alexandra Iorgulescu
Talent Director, Deloitte Romania
Click for bio
Sunil Kumar
Head of Europe Geography EXL Service LLC
Click for bio
Irina Lache
Capital Markets JLL Romania
Click for bio
Colin Lovering
Event Moderator
Business Performance Expert – Brainovate
Click for bio
Aurelia Luca
Executive Vice President Operations Romania, Skanska Property Romania
Click for bio
Ievgeniia Lukianchenko
Business Development Manager EMEA Datanet System Software
Click for bio
Timur Makhmutov
Managing Director Hays Romania
Click for bio
Cătălin Micu
Partner of Zamfirescu Racoți Vasile & Partners Attorneys at Law
Click for bio
Alain Mulder
Senior Director Europe Operations IMA®
Click for bio
Ruth Munday
EMEA Head of Sales & Solutions Hays Talent Solutions
Click for bio
Ash Noah
Managing Director, CGMA Learning, Education and Development Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
Click for bio
Simona Nicolaescu
Psychotherapist, Coach and Wellbeing Expert
Consultant Regina Maria The Health Network
Click for bio
Paul Olteanu
Master Trainer & Executive Coach | MindArhitect
Click for bio
Maarten Oonk
Managing Director Center for the Edge Deloitte
Click for bio
Kinga Pakucs
Learning & Organizational Effectiveness Consultant Steelcase
Click for bio
Andrei Popescu
Master Trainer | Dale Carnegie
Click for bio
Ilinca Popescu
Regional Sales Manager Central Europe Steelcase Inc.
Click for bio
Francesca Postolache
Vice-President ABSL
Click for bio
Alexandru Stoenescu
VP Operations, Genpact Europe
Click for bio
Andrei Vacaru
Head of Capital Markets JLL Romania
Click for bio


Partners come to ABSL 8th Annual Conference to display their latest services and to explore business opportunities. Being a partner at our conference will give you the opportunity to:

  • Develop and strengthen your brand
  • Generate highly targeted business leads
  • Get in touch with potential business partners
  • Position the company as a leader in the domain
  • Networking
  • Build long lasting relationships
  • Obtain Customer Feedback

Partners come to ABSL 8th Annual Conference to display their latest services and to explore business opportunities. Being a partner at our conference will give you the opportunity to:

  • Develop and strengthen your brand
  • Generate highly targeted business leads
  • Get in touch with potential business partners
  • Position the company as a leader in the domain
  • Networking
  • Build long lasting relationships
  • Obtain Customer Feedback


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