Beyond the Numbers. GBS Scope Expansion and Maturity Assessment

//Beyond the Numbers. GBS Scope Expansion and Maturity Assessment
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As “Beyond the Numbers” proved to be one topic raising interest among the conference participants, ABSL & PwC invite you to a joint round table that will further explore GBS’ scope expansion and maturity assessment.

The event will take place at PwC headquarters in Bucharest and is dedicated to SSCs.

On November 24th you will have the chance to discuss more about other areas, apart from numbers and business cases, that need to be considered in preparation of the actual migrations.

GBSs that sought to understand, factor in, and proactively address key stakeholders’ concerns have seen higher rates of success. These were based on maturity assessments conducted to understand the starting position as well as desired evolution in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and quality on five key pillars- Strategy, Operations, Processes, People, and IT.

The round table will be facilitated on behalf of PwC by Katarzyna Soja, Bogdana Buhos and Radu Andrei.

Katarzyna Soja
Katarzyna SojaAdvisory Manager, PwC Poland
Bogdana Buhos
Bogdana Buhos Assurance Director, PwC
Radu Andrei
Radu Andrei Director Management Consulting, PwC Romania