Cluj-Napoca Business Mixer 2019

//Cluj-Napoca Business Mixer 2019
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On June 6th, ABSL will organize a new Business Mixer, at its 4th edition, and will once again meet with the local business services community.

For this event, called the “marathon edition”, ABSL is preparing a series of workshops, demos and presentations in collaboration with well-renowned companies, with a main focus on involvement, interaction and best practices.

As the theme suggests: The Three T’s of 2019: Talent | Technology |Transformation, the sessions will address the three elements that the business services industry is being preoccupied in our days and age: talent attraction, development & retention, implementation of new technologies, and how to successfully align this transformation with the business strategy and vision.

Join us to learn the latest trends and how to stay ahead of the curve!


Location: Work Café @ Steelcase
09:15 – The three C’s: Chatbot. Communication. Connectivity | Session provided in collaboration with KPMG Romania
This session will tackle the importance of people within an organization and how technology can simplify and aid the smooth relationship between the two.
We will discuss about employer branding, ease of communication inside the business, technology links between different stakeholders and you will get to meet our chatbot, Cristina. So join us in this exercise of imagination on how your employees could have their personal virtual assistant.
Speakers: Raluca Resmerita, Senior Sales Manager – Druid & Andreea Chirita, Product Manager – Druid

10:15 – Organizational Agility. An exploration.
This interactive panel will explore the topic of organizational agility and what this means for work, workers and workplace. Steelcase professionals will share stories and learnings on:
► What you can learn from your IT organization to increase organizational agility
► What do teams and individuals need for agility and what is the role of culture and leadership
► Hacking your space and processes to work in new ways
Facilitator: Kinga PAKUCS, Sales Effectiveness Consultant – Steelcase EMEA

11:15 – Short Break

11:30 – Connected by Skanska or the 10 apps in 1 solution for the friendliest workplace
Speaker: Otilia Rusu, Leasing Manager – Skanska Property Romania
Connected by Skanska is divided into three different dimensions:
► Connected Building – A smart infrastructure, beneficial for all tenants, featuring solutions such as social connection via the app, activity-based parking, mobile access and virtual reception;
► Connected Fit Out – A great solution that includes features as indoor positioning, room booking integration and work environment management;
► Connected Green – A green education platform and Skanska’s support in interior LEED and WELL certification.

12:15 – Digital technologies and Ethics
As with any technology, with power comes responsibility. Ethical considerations are never far away. Accountants need to consider and manage potential ethical compromise from decision-making by algorithm, such as the risk of bias in the data set that feeds them and the issue of accountability for decisions made.
Speaker: Mihaela Robu, Business Development Manager – ACCA South-Eastern Europe

12:45 – Short Break

Location: Freya Room
13:00 – Workshop | Delivering HR solutions with the experts
Speaker: Sandor Mark Bodnar, Managing Director – HAYS Romania
You will be working with business leaders of the sector to figure out comprehensive solutions that will help develop your business.
Location: Saga Room
13:00 – Workshop | Trends and challenges of employee mobility
Speaker: Iulian Pătrașcanu, Founder & Senior Partner – Fine Law – Pătrășcanu & Associates

14:30 – Lunch Break

Location: Freya Room
15:15 – Conflict as a Growth Opportunity
Facilitator: Andreea Bădescu, Trainer & Coach – Dale Carnegie Romania 
The workshop will focus on:
► Identifying ways that conflict inhibits growth
► Turning conflict-based barriers into continuous improvement
► Building stronger relationships through successful conflict resolution
► Creating an environment of trust and open communication

Location: Saga Room
15:15 – Workshop | Adopt or Adapt. Flex space: Why, how and when to embrace or even avoid?
Our research indicates that 56% of employees now work from other company premises at least once a month, followed by working from home (54%), on transport (36%) and in co-working spaces (34%). The reality is that the traditional office now actively competes with a range of alternative locations. A more liquid and contingent workforce is also accelerating this change. Estimates suggest up to 30% of the working population is already working in the on-demand or gig economy. As the composition of the workforce becomes more fluid, the need for flexible space will continue to increase.
Speaker: Viorel Opait, Business Development Director – JLL Romania

Location: Freya Room
16:45 – Workplace (Re)Generation > Mind(ful of) the gap
Too much literature on working with, leading and managing the ‘Me Me Me’ late millennials and Z’s generations? …As time goes by and the workforce demographics are ever-changing and shifting, what about the reverse? For this latter bit, this session will aim first and foremost at raising awareness and secondly at diving onto the desire of alignment in between deliberate & emergent strategies.
Speaker: Adrian Fogas – Director Accounts Receivable Europe a.i. – Office Depot Europe

Location: Saga Room
16:45 – Making a difference. The Game Changer in having Engaged Employees, by Vertiv Cluj
The studies are telling that the most engaged teams are the ones where employees that find meaning and purpose in what the do. It’s the reason why so many people take NGO work, for less money, because they see how they are making a difference and this gives a lot of purpose. Through this presentation, we  are hoping to show you a few stories from our organization that hopefully will inspire you to build purpose-drive cultures in your own organization. If people see WHAT they are part of, HOW their contribution is making a difference they will tell better stories about your company, both to themselves as well as to their friends.

17:15 – Tour of Steelcase premises

The event is free of charge, please reserve your seat by clicking on the button below.

The event is dedicated to specialists working in the Business Services Industry.

Limited Seats, registration will be on first come-first serve basis.

Adrian Fogas
Adrian FogasDirector Accounts Receivable Europe a.i. - Office Depot
Andreea Bădescu
Andreea BădescuTrainer & Coach – Dale Carnegie Romania
Andreea Chirita
Andreea ChiritaProduct Manager – Druid
Iulian Patrascanu
Iulian PatrascanuManaging Partner, Founder - Fine Law
Kinga Pakucs
Kinga PakucsSales Effectiveness Consultant
Mihaela Robu
Mihaela RobuBusiness Development Manager ACCA
Otilia Rusu
Otilia RusuSenior Leasing Negotiator, Skanska Property Romania
Raluca Resmerita
Raluca ResmeritaSenior Sales Manager – Druid
Sándor Márk Bodnár
Sándor Márk BodnárManaging Director Hays Romania
Viorel Opaiț
Viorel OpaițBusiness Development Director - JLL
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