Key Takeaways for 2023: Staying relevant, sharing knowledge, having a community

//Key Takeaways for 2023: Staying relevant, sharing knowledge, having a community
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ABSL continues the series of Business Mixers with an event dedicated to the business services community in Brasov where 3 knowledge sessions will provide information on how to stay relevant, bring workplace innovation, embrace continuous improvement, and deliver value across your organization. The purpose of this event is to facilitate best practice sharing between local companies, acknowledge the challenges and the opportunities ahead and prepare the participants to embrace the future changes.

Representatives of the business services community in Brasov are invited to present case studies on Business, Technology and HR in a session dedicated to sharing best practices. An HR roundtable will address some current concerns regarding the right mix of remote and in-person work, new trends in recruitment and people practices, how to motivate and to engage the employees in a fairly manner etc. In parallel a general workshop will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the local business services industry.  Our experts will share their know-how on the latest developments of the labour legislation, trends for 2023 in our sector, employees’ engagement, and wellbeing, as well as workplace transformations.

We invite you to join our specialists and your peers in finding answers to these current concerns in order to strengthen the local community and facilitate networking.

If you represent a local company/ office, you may be part of the event by presenting a study case on relevant themes in the fields of HR, Technology or Business. You are invited to share with the audience practical examples, successful stories, presentations of what works or not, regarding current interests.

  • 9:00 – 9:30

Welcome coffee

  • 9:30 – 9:40

Introductory Speech

  • 9:40 – 10:00
  • Alesandra Sin
  • JLL Romania

Office Leasing Evolution in Brasov: Navigating Past, Present and Future Needs

While we are advocates for always looking forward, there are crucial insights to be gained from past experiences. Evaluating previous trends is the first step to a more straightforward path to success and a shorter learning curve, especially while facing unconventional emerging needs from our clients. During this session we’ll take a look back and analyse the way the real estate office market evolved in the past 10 years, while also making predictions on how the next 10 years will unfold. We will discuss tenants’ ever changing and evolving requirements and we will provide you with the tools to make informed choices according to the current and future circumstances. We will go on a journey within our region and try to understand the trends and how Romania has evolved and will continue to evolve in the coming years compared to our neighbours, in order to ultimately comprehend if we are ready for the future.

  • 10:00 – 10:20
  • Oana Munteanu
  • PwC

Business Services in 2023 – Growth Opportunities & Challenges

We are analysing the perspectives and challenges of the business services sector in Romania, regarding mainly the development of labour market, salaries/benefits, and the office market. We will also be touching on global trends and the impact they have on business models, people, processes, technology, and data.

  • 10:20 – 10:40
  • Georgiana Andrei
  • Cristiana Oprisescu
  • Reteaua REGINA MARIA

The future of work is employee wellbeing (to be held in Romanian)

Employee wellbeing has been a buzz word over the past year. Good physical and mental health are key pillars for our wellbeing. How do we stand in Romania and how can employers contribute to better prevention, mental health, and wellness.

  • 10:40 – 11:00
  • Cătălin Micu
  • ZRVP

Amendments to the Labour Code and the Individual Employment Agreement Content

The amendments brought at the end of last year to the Labour Code and to the template of the individual employment agreement raise in practice various difficulties in implementing the new legal requirements. For employers, it is important to be aware of the main aspects to be included in the individual employment agreements and to consider also the challenges which may arise for complying with the legal provisions.

  • 11:00 – 11:20
  • Elena Ardelean
  • Steelcase

Making Hybrid Work Better

The future of work will be hybrid and we’ll see physical spaces and technology becoming increasingly intertwined.

  • 11:20 – 11:40

Coffee break

  • 11:40 – 12:40

Knowledge Sharing Session- Local Business Cases

Building a More Human Approach is the New Way of Business

The presentation will focus on Employer Branding Strategy, best practices, examples & learnings. It will showcase the Feel Good Program, highlighting how a human approach on business can bring multiple benefits for the entire organization. Especially in times where AI is shaping the business world, we believe we should focus even more on the human value.

Speaker: Anca Burghelea, Marketing Manager, Majorel Romania

Why Romania

How do we attract new business to Romania? How do we transform the BPO world towards a more complex business model throughout value adding & more consultancy?

Speaker: Corina Tiu, Vice-President Operations Romania, TELUS International

How Do We Recruit in an Increased Labour Market Competitiveness, with Required Skills and at Reasonable Compensation

The presentation aims to approach topics regarding good practices in the field of recruiting candidates within the outsourcing industry – BPO/SSC/ IT.

Speaker: Ionela Borsan, Recruitment Manager, Pro Human APT

Revolutionizing Patient Experience: The Impact of Technology in Healthcare Customer Support

The presentation is about recent developments in technology, such as Speech Analytics, and how it can drive improved CX in the healthcare customer support. We will discuss a case study covering the cooperation between Affidea Romania and RepsMate and the improvements in patient experience and overall healthcare customer support we are expecting based on it.

Speakers: Raluca Păduraru, CX Business Consultant, Affidea Romania / Marketing Insiders Group
Cristina Baila, Customer Care Team Leader, Affidea Romania

  • 12:40 – 13:00

Coffee break

  • 13.00- 15.00

HR Round table: What are Nowadays People Practices? Recruitment, Engagement, Performance & Retention. (Closed Session)

What is the reality of the post-pandemic recruitment? How do we recruit the right people in today context and from where? Do we recruit people with the right attitude and train them, or do we choose those with technical competences? How do we keep up company culture and morale? What are the motivations and tools to make them deliver?

These are the questions proposed for this round table where HR representatives from Brasov companies will discuss their concerns, share solutions and good practices on what was done in the past, what challenges did they face and how they see the future of work.

Companies should be represented at this event by HR Leaders /Head of HR (max. 2 representatives per company). This is a closed session dedicated to companies from business services industry.

  • 13.00- 15.00

Workshop: Challenges and Opportunities in the Local Business Service Industry. How do we use them to reach success?

Lots of changes have happened since our last offline meeting in Brasov: the Covid-19 pandemic, Russia – Ukraine war, inflation, the loom of economic crisis, all these creating an uncertainty that might have an influence on the local business sector too. Romania has an enviable secure spot as business location, but talent has become more difficult to find and retain, while costs have been rising making it more expensive for potential clients. Thus, the industry needs to reinvent itself with focus on added value activities in order to remain a relevant and attractive location.

In this context we ask ourselves what we can do to reach this goal. But first we need to define what a successful company is. One that is attractive to new employees, one that adapts and adopts technology/ automation and is ready for the future, or one that moves from transactional services to added-value services? Moreover, how can we address nowadays challenges and opportunities in order to build a reliable future? What is the next phase regarding HR, technology, and business?

These are the questions proposed for this workshop where representatives from Brasov companies are invited to share their perspectives.

  • 15:00 – 16:00

Lunch & Networking

Georgiana Andrei
Georgiana AndreiCorporate Sales Director – Subscriptions Division, Rețeaua REGINA MARIA
Elena Ardelean
Elena ArdeleanDealer Business Manager Central Europe, Steelcase
Cristina Baila
Cristina BailaCustomer Care Team Leader, Affidea Romania
Ionela Borsan
Ionela BorsanRecruitment Manager, Pro Human APT
Anca Burghelea
Anca BurgheleaMarketing Manager, Majorel Romania
Cătălin Micu
Cătălin MicuPartner, ZRVP
Oana Munteanu
Oana MunteanuDirector People & Organisation, PwC
Cristiana Oprisescu
Cristiana OprisescuPsychotherapist, Rețeaua REGINA MARIA
Raluca Paduraru
Raluca PaduraruCX Business Consultant, Affidea Romania / Marketing Insiders Group
Alesandra Sin
Alesandra SinOffice Consultant, JLL Romania
Corina Tiu
Corina TiuVice-President Operations Romania, TELUS International