Success in the new era of work. Reinventing people practices

//Success in the new era of work. Reinventing people practices
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As the pandemic continues to have a various impact on our lives, the sudden shift to hybrid work model and its impact on people management has left companies in search of the perfect plan for success in this new era of work. Change is the new normal, the traditional way of working is not coming back, and we still need to discover what is the new approach when it comes to reinventing people practices.

After all, there are many factors to consider: What’s the right mix of remote and in-person work? How did the employee’s perception about work change? Is there a new profile of the candidates that needs to be addressed? Moreover, how do you stop your teams from becoming unmotivated and how do you make them feel the company’s culture? It there a secret recipe for productive and happy employees?

We continue our Business Mixer series of events with one dedicated to the new era of work, analysing people practices from the point of view of recruitment, retention, talent growth, employees’ expectations, and happiness, as well as organisational performance.

We invite you to join our experts and your peers in finding the answers to your current concerns on these topics.

We’ll keep the tradition and invite the local industry to participate in knowledge sharing sessions in order to strengthen the community and facilitate networking.

  • 9:00 – 9:30

Welcome coffee

  • 9:30 – 9:40

Introductory Speech

  • 9:40 – 10:00
  • Alexandru Orzea
  • JLL

Thinking ahead as hybrid becomes a permanent element of the future of work

The session will explore how employers can support their hybrid workers as the gap between what is offered by companies and employee expectations widens. We look at the role of the office as the crucial hub for human connection and innovation and reveal the unique opportunity for companies to reinvent their Employee Value Proposition.

  • 10:00 – 10:20
  • Elena Ardelean
  • Steelcase Inc.

Five Hybrid Workplace Mistakes to Avoid. It takes more than salary and remote work to keep people happy

The leaders are doing everything they can think of to keep people and attract new talent — raising wages, adding benefits, and offering retention bonuses in addition to increasing flexibility. But the new Steelcase research suggests they are overlooking something that matters even more. Steelcase WorkSpace Futures researchers analysed responses from nearly 5,000 office workers in 11 countries.
The data uncovered five key mistakes leaders may be making about the connection between the workplace and what people actually want.

  • 10:20 – 10:40
  • Cristina-Diana Petruț
  • Lidia Rusu
  • Regina Maria

Health education – a long-term benefit for employees (to be held in Romanian)

Health packages are the most valued benefits by employees. And the role of the employer certainly doesn’t stop there, it contributes greatly to prevention, mental health, and wellness.

  • 10:40 – 11:10

Coffee break

  • 11:10 – 11:30
  • Oana Marinescu
  • ZRVP

Employee Retention: Legal Challenges

In a post-pandemic environment hit with growing economic uncertainties, retaining employees and avoiding the costs generated by their low tenure become more and more important. Talent retention remains a key aspect, although a decrease of the workforce dynamics is expected due to declining economy. Within this context, there are several aspects employers should keep an eye on: the legal aspects to be observed when implementing talent retention schemes, flexi-work and teleworking strategies, and the legal alternatives for granting retention bonuses or developing professional development programs.

  • 11:30 – 11:50
  • Bogdana Buhos
  • PwC

Transformation: people, processes, and technology. How balancing main ingredients can improve organisational performance

We have been hearing the phrase ‘the new normal’ very often recently. It is widely used to describe the new state of the post-pandemic workplace. Hybrid working, business continuity and cybersecurity are all topics that we associate with this phrase.

Employees are now leaving for different reasons, including low pay, no opportunity for career advancement, a toxic workplace, and rigid hours. The general conclusion is that employees are looking for a change in traditional business models.

Let us look beyond the immediate effects or quick fixes and think about the changes that are happening in our organisations on business models, people, process, technology and data.

  • 11:50 – 12:10

Coffee break

  • 12:10 – 14:10

HR Round table: What are Nowadays People Practices? Recruitment, Engagement, Performance & Retention (Closed Session)

Two years after the pandemics, workflows have changed, work from anywhere is a possibility embraced by many, expectations have shifted. The way of working and managing employees will never be the same again. The time has come to consolidate and re-evaluate our direction.

What is the reality of the post-pandemic recruitment? How do we recruit the right people in today context and from where? Do we recruit people with the right attitude and train them, or do we choose those with technical competences? How do we keep up company culture and morale? What are the motivations and tools to make them deliver?

These are the questions proposed for this round table where HR representatives from Cluj companies will discuss their concerns, share solutions and good practices on what was done in the past, what challenges did they face and how they see the future of work.

Companies should be represented at this event by HR Leaders /Head of HR (max. 2 representatives per company). This is a closed session dedicated to companies from business services industry.

  • 12:10 – 13:40

Workshop: Challenges and opportunities in the local business service industry. How do we use them to reach success?

The pandemic has hit the pause button on business as usual and forced mankind to readapt, rethink and re-evaluate all the activities. As new challenges appear due to geopolitical reasons, companies are in a place where many questions arise regarding their success and their future. Romania has an enviable secure spot as business location, but talent has become more difficult to find and retain, while costs have been rising making it more expensive for potential clients. Thus, the industry needs to reinvent itself with focus on added value activities in order to remain a relevant and attractive location.

In this context we ask ourselves what we can do to reach this goal. But first we need to define what a successful company is. One that is attractive to new employees, one that adapts and adopts technology/ automation and is ready for the future, or one that moves from transactional services to added-value services? Moreover, how can we address nowadays challenges and opportunities in order to build a reliable future? What is the next phase regarding HR, technology, and business?

These are the questions proposed for this workshop where representatives from Cluj companies are invited to share their perspectives.

  • 13:40 – 14:10

Visit of Steelcase WorkBetter Lab (group 1)

  • 14:10 – 15:10

Lunch break

  • 15:10 – 15:40

Visit of Steelcase WorkBetter Lab (group 2)

Elena Ardelean
Elena ArdeleanDealer Business Manager Central Europe, Steelcase Inc.
Bogdana Buhoș
Bogdana BuhoșAssurance Director, PwC
Oana Marinescu
Oana MarinescuSenior Associate, ZRVP
Alexandru Orzea
Alexandru OrzeaConsultant Tenant Representation, JLL
Cristina-Diana Petruț
Cristina-Diana PetruțRegional Director, Regina Maria – Subscriptions Department, Cluj
Lidia Rusu
Lidia RusuCognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist, Regina Maria