2018 Year in Review & 2019 Expectations: Mugur Pantaia, HP Inc. Romania

//2018 Year in Review & 2019 Expectations: Mugur Pantaia, HP Inc. Romania

2018 has definitely been an amazing year for HP Inc. Romania. Together with our team members, partners and suppliers we made new and exciting things happen.

It’s been a year of significant growth, important initiatives and programs and design of the future. On the market, HP Inc. Romania continued to consolidate its presence and evolved in all areas, from personal systems and consumers to printing and supplies. I am extremely proud of the work and commitment all the teams have put in as this translated into the biggest year over year growth we have recorded so far.

Last year marked as well new partnerships. We are now working with over 1,500 different partners and we are looking forward to strengthening our business relationship over the course of this year. Understanding the importance of education, we started a collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and equipped an HP Lab, as well as an HP Corner. This way, students now have the possibility to develop their skills and facilitate the journey from educational system to their first job in a multinational company.  And we even had our very first Internship program, Heroes Academy, which we will proudly continue in 2019.

Throughout the year, our team members have also demonstrated that they do not look the other way when others need our help. The community involvement they have shown by taking part in the CSR campaigns driven by our team of volunteers translated into more than 600 participants and an impressive 3000 hours dedicated to social implication. I feel inspired by their commitment to actively contribute to the community we live in and lucky to be part of this team!

We can’t imagine the future without Robotics and Automation. This is the reason why we hosted Innovation Weeks for more than 500 of our employees. The series of events organized with RPA experts guided us in understanding the various automation processes and helped us design our own RPA Community. And speaking of the future, wait to see how we will revolutionize 3D Industrial printing services in Romania.

I could not be more excited about the opportunity to work together with all of you and make all this happen.

Mugur Pantaia

Managing Director HP Inc. Romania