With a population of some 20 million inhabitants (January 2013), Romania is simply too large to be ignored.

In the European Union, Romania ranks 9th largest in terms of area and 7th largest in population. These factors make Romania one of the largest consumer markets in the EU, as well as an attractive manufacturing hub.

The country's 5-year average forecast (2013-2017), places its economic performance at a level of 2.9%, which is well above the EU average.

Romania Figures

  • Total area = 238391 km2.
  • Romanian total borders = 3150 km.
  • Neighbours: Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine and Hungary.
  • The Romanian seaside of the Black Sea lies on 245 km, between Musura stream (at the border with Ukraine) and Vama Veche locality (at the border with Bulgaria).
  • POPULATION: 20020074 inhabitants, on January 1, 2013 (usual resident population).
  • Density: 84.0 inhabitants / km2, on January 1, 2013