Mădălina Stoica, Microsoft: “we empower the people who empower the planet by providing opportunities for a life well-lived”

//Mădălina Stoica, Microsoft: “we empower the people who empower the planet by providing opportunities for a life well-lived”

Our employees are passionate about technology, highly collaborative and orientated towards customer needs. We are proud to say that the inclusive behaviors and learning mentality are part of who we are on a cultural level. Constantly asking for feedback, we are looking to grow our area of expertise and broaden our scope of knowledge and capabilities while also improving our ability to work with others. This is our way of trying to improve ourselves in the pursuit of becoming better employees, better managers, better people.

Employee satisfaction is a constant focus for Microsoft. Important investments are made in this area so that employees can be offered benefits that bring a real impact over both their personal and professional lives. If we were to choose a word to encapsulate the list of benefits – say a 40 entries list – FLEXIBILITY would certainly be among the most relevant. We are looking to deliver an exceptional portfolio of programs and services that inspire our employees to do their best and thus become their best versions.

At Microsoft, we are interested in creating a pleasant work environment that stimulates creativity and innovation. Therefore we offer a diverse package of benefits and advantages, with a special focus on the health and comfort of our employees and their families, to which we refer simply as “wellbeing”. The tangible benefits, like the 4 weeks of paid leave to care for immediate family members in need or individual coaching and/or psychotherapy sessions, along with the intangible advantages, are part of our commitment to protect employee health. Care for life is essential for Microsoft on a global scale while it also leaves room for a custom local approach, materialized into a daily healthy breakfast and fresh fruits, a wide range of soft drinks offered, massage, sports subscription and an ergonomic office design.

In a nutshell, we empower the people who empower the planet by providing opportunities for a life well-lived.

At Microsoft, we developed an environment where our employees are inspired and enabled to innovate and collaborate to advance Microsoft’s mission, pursue their passions and realize their own unique purpose. We are cultivating and counting on our employees’ integrity and honesty, transparency and openness. We are assuming big challenges and at the same time search for the best ways in which we can learn from them together. We value authenticity and we are encouraging employees to cultivate a work-life balance, essential for both personal happiness and professional growth.

Microsoft is a learning company. So, when it comes to trainings we have a variety available for our employees: from the mandatory ones, which are generally technical, customer oriented, aligned with the business needs, to the ones focused on soft skills, we value development on all levels. We have as well a global library where the employees can order books and have online trainings. LinkedIn Learning couldn’t be missed when we are talking about trainings as this is one of our employees’ favorites.

We are truly interested in people-oriented persons, who counterbalance their technical background with a good understanding of customer service. Through technical trainings we further develop the technical knowledge of our new hires, not overlooking transformational skills. Worth to be mentioned as a few competencies that we are looking for, in line with our culture, are: a growth mindset, technical curiosity, adaptability and orientation toward customer satisfaction. English is mandatory in our day by day activity and an extra language (German and French) can prove to be a great advantage. This is how the beginning of a great career of a Microsoft talent looks like.

An interview with:

  • Mădălina Stoica, HR Manager – Microsoft Romania