[Meet Our Industry Ambassadors] _VOIS Romania

//[Meet Our Industry Ambassadors] _VOIS Romania

Irina Monea, Software Testing Manager _VOIS Romania

Hi, there! My name is Irina Monea, and I am the leader of the Testing department within Technology _VOIS Romania, a team of over 100 professionals offering end-to-end testing solutions.

_VOIS (Vodafone Intelligent Solutions) is a global, purpose-driven TechCo, constantly driving innovation, testing new ideas, spreading fresh thinking, and improving processes. Established in 2006, the company has evolved into a global, multi-functional organisation, a Centre of Excellence for Intelligent Solutions focused on adding value and delivering business outcomes for Vodafone.

It is difficult to define where exactly my journey in IT began: when I decided to attend a national college starting in fifth grade, where I had a committed Mathematics teacher that focused our attention on STEM subjects; or was it when I decided that studying Cybernetics and Economics Informatics is the right path for me? Or simply when I fell in love with Bucharest and wanted to spend my summer here, thus getting a summer job as a game tester. It is difficult to pinpoint an exact moment, as they all contributed to my development.

After the summer I spent as a game tester, during the mid-year exams in my second year as a college student, I got a full-time job as a Software Tester. It was all new to me and very challenging at that point in time, but I relied on my resilience and the support of my colleagues. What mattered most was the support of the community built within that company and the trust they put in me, as I was promoted to Team Leader in two years’ time, in charge of a small but very capable team.

2016 was a turning point in my career – I wasn’t looking for a job but was contacted for a Test Manager role by Technology _VOIS Romania. My interest peaked, and sooner rather than later, I accepted the challenge. Everything clicked – from colleagues to work-life balance, challenging projects, and opportunities to grow my career. Another important point for me was the chance to be a volunteer in the company’s CSR initiatives, which help prevent school abandonment among middle school children. On a personal note, one of my biggest rewards was being able to make a difference, which is one of the reasons I am now coordinating CSR initiatives across Technology_VOIS Romania.

My career path was strengthened by leading the entire testing department by becoming a manager in 2021. Faced with the challenges this new role brought, the support of my leadership team, both within and outside my department, helped me bring value to the internal customers.

All my roles brought their trials and prospects – what mattered most to me was the support I received from my teams. My advice for all professionals out there is to be kind – kind enough to themselves to get outside of their comfort zone by taking on a new challenge; kind enough to go the extra mile and provide guidance to the best of their knowledge. Throughout my 12 years as an IT & testing professional, I found that what matters most is that you try, never passing up an opportunity. Be kind enough with yourself to allow for failure, as it is not said for nothing that failure is the greatest teacher. Take all opportunities to grow your knowledge, support your team, and take care of yourself.

If you were to ask Irina from 2010 what career she wants to follow, she wouldn’t have known what I have achieved today, but she would have known that I will be kind and never leave a challenge. Take care of yourselves, analyse the opportunities you have, and keep growing.

On a personal note, I enjoy discovering and embracing other cultures, their cuisine, and their customs and am passionate about ancient history. The world is a diverse place and there is always something new to look forward to experiencing.

Razvan Bolborici, Head of Technology _VOIS Romania

My name is Razvan Bolborici, and I lead the Technology _VOIS Romania, a technology hub of over 1,500 professionals.

_VOIS (Vodafone Intelligent Solutions) is a global, purpose-driven TechCo, constantly driving innovation, testing new ideas, spreading fresh thinking, and improving processes. Established in 2006, the company has evolved into a global, multi-functional organisation, a Centre of Excellence for Intelligent Solutions focused on adding value and delivering business outcomes for Vodafone.

I started my career 25 years ago, after having graduated from the Politehnica University of Bucharest with a master’s degree in Informatics and Process Control. I first worked for a research institute as a software developer, then as a principal researcher, designing and developing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) products. I had the opportunity to work under the supervision of top-notch scientists, which helped me realise that behind each small detail, there is a tremendous amount of work done. That was an eye-opening moment for me and a cornerstone of my future career.

My main career drive came from my passion for mathematics, which started in high school; hence, it felt natural to build upon a domain I enjoyed. I’ve worked in several industries, such as Banking, Telecom, Information Technology, and Energy, which helped me grow both my skills and my understanding of how various businesses work. Within the technology space, something I always found fascinating was the high pace of innovation and how the democratisation of knowledge gives each of us the power to significantly improve our lives and contribute to a better future.

I never envisioned that my career would unfold in any very specific or precise way. In the beginning, I simply allowed myself to be led by my passion for the IT field, which made the progression happen naturally. My first lesson learnt was to use time wisely and let my passion fuel my career, not push myself too hard and not be disappointed if things don’t happen exactly as I would have envisioned them. I found that the path would unfold naturally when driven by passion and motivation. Loving what you do makes you feel that every day is an investment in yourself. This is also why, when looking back at my career, I wouldn’t change anything if I could go back in time.

2003 marked a career turn for me: I took on my first leadership role. At that time, I did not realise how this new journey would entirely change my mindset: my perception of the business, my awareness of how leadership decisions influence the careers of employees, my view of how powerful we are together and how much positive impact we can bring to society when we take action together, from each of our roles. As leaders, we deliver through our people, and one of our main responsibilities is to empower our colleagues to grow by offering them the right opportunities, the right exposure, and a great working environment.

This brings me to the reasons I have chosen _VOIS . _VOIS is an extremely well-articulated work environment, recognised as a Great Place to Work, and an organisation whose values are aligned with my personal ones. This is one of my key takeaways on the back of my experience: always choose a company where you feel you belong, in terms of values, mission, and objectives. Choose a company that speaks to your aspirations.

As for my choices over time, I have chosen Vodafone Romania, then Vodafone Group, and then _VOIS. Each transition from one entity to the other within the global Vodafone world, felt smooth and natural, thanks to our shared values and a strong focus on people and their growth. Shifting towards Technology _VOIS felt like moving to the right place to work in – we all speak the same tech language here and grow our exposure to a wide range of technologies.

Let me wrap up with some advice to young professionals. First of all, each of us is unique, and there is no magic advice to fit us all. But this doesn’t mean I cannot share with you my lessons learnt:

  • Listen actively and understand others’ points of view before judging.
  • Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo, as this is the very driver of innovation and change.
  • Choose a company whose culture aligns with your perspective and challenges you to grow.
  • Never stop learning and developing yourself, both personally and professionally. You are your only investment that will never lose value!