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Project Description

ARDOR (The Romanian Association for Debate, Oratory and Rhetoric) is one of the most relevant non-governmental organizations in the educational field in Romania, with an experience of over 25 years in implementing projects and developing programs which teach critical and independent thinking. ARDOR is federally structured in six regional and local associations, which form a network that works with more than 250 national educational institutions and more than 5000 beneficiaries per year. In 2019, we manage over 100 debate clubs, supporting 180 trainers who teach more than 1600 high- school beneficiaries per year. We also train more than 500 teachers annually on implementing deliberative education methods in classroom teaching. We select and train the Romanian National Highschool Debate Team for the World Schools Debate Championship.

ARDOR stimulates critical and independent thinking in Romanias’ youth. We believe that these abilities will have the most impact on their lives, as adults, and on the choices they will make. Our mission is to spread the tool named „debate” in as many educational contexts as possible and to promote the values associated with it: respect, tolerance, argumentation, coherence, active citizenship.

We believe that learning respectful debate and structured argumentation has no age limit. Taking into account the vast experience that ARDOR has in delivering trainings on debate and argumentation, through our enterprise DialogOn (, we offer corporate trainings that can meet employees’ needs for structured thinking and more persuasive communication, as well as build the foundation of a healthy dialogue culture.