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Project Description

SELIR is the pioneer of outsourcing services in Romania with more than 20 years of experience and 400+ employees.

The company is a well-known authority in the financial and banking sector, where it encompasses many integrated support services that combine technology with deep sector expertise, such as Software Solutions, Applications Management, RPA Solutions, Payment System Operations, Financial Instruments Operations, Electronic Banking Payment Method Assistance, Credit Analysis, Default Loans Activities and many other.

Our primary objective is continual development, based on the acquired experience and our professionalism, in order to provide high quality services with the highest added value to our clients.

IT Outsourcing Services: Software maintenance, Software development, RPA Solutions, Management of applications, Technical analyses, Design of applications and data bases, Systemic assistance

BACK OFFICE Outsourcing Services: Controls of various types of documents, Activities in the field of traditional and electronic payment systems, Assistance in case of fraud regarding electronic payments (credit and debit cards, POS, e-Commerce, etc.), Accounting activities, Data entry activities

CONTACT CENTER Outsourcing Services: Technical assistance and accounting for HYPE application made available to the clients, Accounting assistance and technical support to solve technical problems of POS terminals, Accounting support for transactions with banking cards at POS/ATM, Assistance to colleagues from branches in order to handle the calls made by clients , Support and information for the operations performed via internet banking, Processing the operations for opening the accounts and cards

CREDIT Outsourcing Services: Analysis of credit files, Phone collection – recovery of rates for credits, Various administrative activities of support type

STUDIES AND ANALYZES Outsourcing Services: Fundamental analysis of non-financial companies, Analysis of industrial sectors, Analysis of asset management companies, Development of a strategic development plans, Ad hoc or on demand analysis (enhancement or summaries), Preparation of campaign performance reports

MISSION: We identify and develop talent, then we adapt it to the needs of our partners.

VISION: Our primary objective is the continued development based on the experience acquired and our professionalism, in order to provide high quality services with high added value to our clients.