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Project Description

For more than 100 years, we kept our mission in delivering improved business results for our clients by enhancing the performance of their PEOPLE. Our training process concentrates on improving the core Behaviors and Performance Habits within teams and that powers organization advancement. We specialize in training that is tailored to the needs of individual businesses (Dale Carnegie Training Catalogue 2019 & Dale Carnegie Competency List), and we also organize Open Programs (High Impact Presentations & Mastering Your Personal Leadership).
We have acquired 14 years of experience on the local market and more than 25.000 successful participants, since 2005, when we founded Dale Carnegie in Romania and we’re still growing and pushing forward.
Our 6 core areas of training programs are: Management & Leadership, Sales & Negotiation, Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Team Member Engagement and Process Improvement.

Learn more at https://www.dalecarnegie.com/locations/romania/ro/