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Project Description

We are an international IT services provider, supporting global clients and projects. We are a member of SOITRON GROUP, currently one of the largest ITO and BPO service providers in Central and Eastern Europe with offices in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, UK and Poland, employing over 850 qualified and experienced specialists from state of the art delivery centres and technical training facilities.
Our range of services and solutions cover software solutions, custom apps development, CRM solutions, ITSM solutions & platform support services, project management services, RPA solutions, onsite technical support services and consultancy and advisory services.
We believe that our passion for challenges, broad experience, staff quality, flexibility and scalability of our solutions allow us achieve goals seemingly difficult to attain. We’ve adopted continuous improvement as our life-style, as we constantly strive for innovation and better performance.

Datanet System Software is providing software development services covering each step of the life cycle (apps, frameworks and other software components), through our highly skilled team of developers, testers and engineers.
On top of that, our Digital Capabilities team coordinate online strategies, offering a global expertise for web design, software development, content management and overall customer journey, through Web Programming, Web Project Management, Publishing services and support, developing and testing enhancements implementation, providing technical expertise, content migrations, content editing and publishing, facilitating translations and system automations.

In terms of IT Solutions, Datanet Systems Software is able to provide solutions in the area of Robotic Process Automation, such as simulating human communication in the mail, chat or speech interfaces via predefined rules and/or artificial intelligence (Soitron BOT), as well as S2T (speech to text) technologies, where calls can be treated like text-formatted communication channels.
Through our solutions powered by Millenium, which is part of our group since 2018, we provide business processes optimization services, such as CRM Sales / Marketing solutions which enables monitoring the entire sales and marketing flow within the company or Customer Service solutions which improves the process of connecting customers with the supplier by using state-of-the-art technologies such as machine learning, biometric voice, Internet of Things and chatbot / mailbot.

On top of that, our ITSM solutions (including Micro Focus SMAX, SNOW and innovative ITSM tool AI Machine learning), enables our customers to manage IT processes in the most effective way. Our unique ITSM migrate and transform service has repeatedly proven to be of high value and efficiency for large corporations that wishes to change from one ITSM environment to another.