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Project Description

For the last 20 years we have actively supported with language assessments and trainings more than 700 companies and helped over 250.000 people develop their language levels and insuring their growth.

Our goal is, for the near future, to be able to teach and support over 1.000.000 persons, by developing their language competences, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

As companies tend to get bigger and spread worldwide, so do their teams.

They become multinational and multicultural and interconnect at more and deeper levels than ever.

Thus, a new challenge for the companies.

How to get their teams to communicate, to exchange ideas, solutions, to ask for support when needed and make themselves understood.

This is how the idea of providing language training appeared.

That is why multilinguistic companies need partners like us. To ensure the process of personal and professional development of their people by teaching them foreign languages. Because globalized teams need to be fluent in at least one foreign language.

But to deliver the expected result, there is one more step before: to assess professionally and diligently the level of language competences.

In Eucom we have specialized in delivering this kind of services, becoming a constant support for the HR departments during their hiring and training processes.

One of the most frequent decisions based on the language assessment is to provide the potential employee with a career plan that includes language trainings for further specialization.

Knowing your real capabilities when it comes to using a foreign language can benefit both employer and employee in the long run.


It all comes down to having the right partner to facilitate and deliver the whole process: from assessment to training.