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Project Description

Car manufacturer since 1898, the Groupe Renault is present in 134 countries and in 2018 it sold 3.9 million cars.

The Groupe is harnessing its international growth and the complementary fit of its five brands, Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine and LADA, together with electric vehicles and the unique Alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi. In order to meet the great technology challenges of the future and to continue its profitable growth, the group draws on its international development.

Groupe Renault Romania is the only company which incorporates all activities specific for a car manufacturer, something which has generated high economic performance and a wide range of job offers in different fields: market studies, design, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain, sales, business services and financing. Last year, the turnover figure for Groupe Renault Romania went beyond the threshold of 5.7 bn. euros.

At the core of the Global Access range (the range to which the Dacia models manufactured in Mioveni belong), the Groupe is leader on the local market with the Dacia and Renault brands. The 17,700 employees of the Groupe Renault Romania innovate with respect to products and best practices and are recognized for their professionalism.

Renault Services Romania

Renault Services Romania (RSR) activity is part of the Groupe Renault Romania. RSR is an in-house business service provider that uses its expertise to improve the efficiency of processes internationally.

RSR ensures business benefits for its customers, in many countries where the Group is present, due to the quality of the services delivered, the productivity and the attractive costs.

RSR has over 1100 employees located in Mioveni and Bucharest.