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Project Description

iSS Romania is a limited liability company established on 12 March 2012 as a shared service center, being involved in the provision of various support services for ista Group, such as billing services (e.g. computation and distribution of costs for heating, water, cooling), call center, operational support services and AMM related services.

The billing services are related to water, heat, gas, electricity and other utilities associated to the metered properties and are provided to internal customers in Romania, Italy, Spain, Germany and France being the key customer.

The flexibility and expertise that the ista Shared Services organization have demonstrated across the years have been crucial for the wellbeing and success of the overall Group operations, with individuals and teams being constantly involved in strategic decision making related to process consistency and coherence.

Additionally, iSS also provides IT development (in partnership with external parties) and support services for the Group’s proprietary operational software, which is used by several countries all across Europe. The platform was initially designed in iSS and is continuously improved to match increasing partner expectations whilst also focusing on attaining a high degree of automation – it enabled certain processes to reach a 99% degree of automation.