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Project Description

LeasePlan is a world leader in Car-as-a-Service and a major reseller with fleet sizing 1.9 million cars under management in more than 30 countries. LeasePlan Corporation N.V. covers North America, South America, Europa, Asia and the Pacific.

Our business evolves through two large and growing markets: through CarNext business we resell the high-quality up to four-year-old used car providing a complete end-to-end service and through Car-as-a-Service we offer the best option by providing an ‘any car, anytime, anywhere’ service.

Our mission as a leader is to focus on What’s next and there is a clear megatrend ownership to usership. In this direction, we developed our strategic well-mapped priorities around 3 areas: Vision, People and Culture. Our vision is driven by our aim to achieve net zero emissions from our total fleet by 2030 and by our commitment to transforming LeasePlan from an analogue business into a fully digitally enabled business.

It is our belief that we lead by example and that ‘you cannot grow a business; you can only grow people who grow businesses’. It is only through people that we can grow as a business therefore we’ll continue to invest in our people and LeasePlan unique ‘any car, anytime, anywhere’ culture.

LeasePlan is focusing on offering the customers what’s best in terms of fleet management software, consultancy services, maintenance management, insurance and damage handling, rental management. From purchasing, maintenance, insurance, damage handling and fuel to rental management, we are financing solutions to manage the entire life-cycle vehicle for our customers.

Leasplan was founded in 1963, made the first steps towards internationalization in the next decades and branched out of Europe between 1980-1990. Soon after, towards 2000, ABN AMRO acquires entirely LeasePlan Holding N.V. From 2016 now, a consortium of six long- term responsible investors together with a strong leadership team are reinforcing our six strategic pillars: implement Digital LeasePlan, grow car-as-a-service, grow, achieve net zero emissions, drive operational excellence.

With over 50 years’ experience LeasePlan is operating in Corporate (76.9%), SMEs (18.4%), Mobility providers (currently included within SME& Private) and in Private business (4.7%) segments. The later one is in full growth as many individuals are following the megatrend of subscribing to car services rather than carry the burden of ownership.

Since our center started in 2017, our scope has grown beyond the traditional, service provider one. We are over 200 passionate employees covering a wide range of business roles. We not only cover the finance area (accounting, contract management) we also have Support functions for the business in HR, IT departments, and a cohesive Centre of Excellence which brings together managers from Master Data, Procurement, RPA, SAP and Workday to work on solutions that helps the business to grow in efficiency and advance towards a more digitalised environment.