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Project Description

Mood Media is the global leader in Elevating Customer Experiences. Through the right combination of sight, sound, scent, social and systems, we create greater emotional connections between brands and consumers.

Our In-store Media Solutions reach more than 150 million consumers a day, through more than 500,000 active client locations around the world. We serve more than 850 international brands in all market sectors: fashion retail, food retail, financial services, hotels, restaurants, automotive industry.

We help companies connect with their customers, enhance their brand image and grow their business.

  • SIGHT: Digital Signage, Video Walls, Digital Menu Boards, Mood TV
  • SOUND: In-Store Music, In-Store Messaging
  • SCENT: Scent Marketing, Scent Branding
  • SOCIAL: Social Mix
  • SYSTEMS: Sound Systems, Sound Masking, Audio-Visual Solutions