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Project Description

SIA S.p.A merged with Nexi S.p.A. starting from January 2022 and its activities wore transferred in Nexi Payments S.p.A.

Nexi Italy is the leader in the Italian digital payment solutions market and provides consumers, merchants, companies and institutions with a wide range of payment and acceptance services to meet their every-day needs. Nexi Italy combines simplicity and innovation offering an intuitive and secure payment experience as well as turnkey and modular solutions for the management of any activity related to electronic payments. Its easy-to-integrate services cover payment cards issuing, acceptance services for in-store and e-commerce needs, invisible payments and acquiring. Adopting an end-to-end approach, it also handles customer service management, relationship with international schemes and marketing and cvm campaigns. Furthermore, Nexi Italy supports banks, payment institutions and EMIs in the management of collections and payments on all transactional systems, ATMs, Digital Corporate Banking, Clearing & Settlement, Instant Payments and Payment initiation systems.

Following the merger by the absorption, SIA SpA into the Nexi SpA, was created a new company Service HUB SPA Milano.

100% owned by Nexi SpA, the company operates in the Italian and German markets, offering processing services for issuing and acquiring of payment cards.

The company, Service Hub SpA Milano employs approximately 650 people at its offices in Milan, Verona, Bucharest and Nuremberg. The Bucharest Branch has about 300 people that manages call center and back office activities in Italian, English and German language, activities related to fraud prevention, support for online banking corporate platform and POS management support.