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Project Description

Temps is the leading company providing integrated HR services and workforce solutions for white collars professionals. Founded in 2011 as part of an IT group, historically the company build its core expertise for the IT&C sector.

Temps capitalized the market knowledge and expended its expertise to other expanding industry sectors. The company has been growing out of passion for an outstanding performance for both candidates and clients. It continuously invest in technology and process digitalization as key components for a flexible and effective service.

What differentiates Temps and what makes it stronger as a team? Values are what keeps the company together and define it. In its efforts to achieve goals, honor commitment and create a great service experience.

Find your next career opportunity in Temps’ list of open positions. If you’re an experienced professional, that’s wonderful. If not, that’s still ok, as long as you have enthusiasm and drive. For Temps, it’s not about years, it’s about attitude.