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Project Description

We build human experiences and shape business solutions

Member of Webhelp Group, global leader in business process outsourcing (BPO), with more than 50,000 team members across 140 customer experience hubs in 36 countries, Webhelp Romania was founded in 2000 and has been constantly growing from 200 to more than 2000 team members, across 4 delivery centers in Bucharest, Ploiesti, Galati, and Iasi.

Our services include data-led customer experience and contact center operations across multiple channels, consulting, solution design, payment services, digital and marketing services, and a range of B2B and B2C processes in sales, back office and more.

At Webhelp, people and technology are in brilliant harmony. We deploy AI, voice analytics and other leading technologies to futureproof customer experience and transform ways of working. This is how we create value.

Service provider

Webhelp provides everything from contact center to software solutions, data analysis and back office operations. Every service is powered by a team of 2000 skilled customer experience experts.

Our commitment to transformation and performance improvement, through effective customer management, means we place business outcomes above operational metrics, going far beyond traditional contact center services. Engineering the optimum customer experience is meticulous and scientific, and the outcomes are pre-defined.

What matters most to us is what matters most to our clients: cost reduction, revenue gain, building advocacy and the exceptional customer experience that sits at the very heart of the BPO proposition.

Solution designer

Part of service provision is, inevitably, finding new routes to innovation and problem-solving. Webhelp’s team of Subject Matter Experts works across a range of specialties to provide tailored solution design services in close collaboration with you, our clients.

Technology enabler

Technology enablement forms a fundamental pillar of Webhelp’s activities, and our role doesn’t begin and end with handing you a software package. We help our clients to overcome legacy systems and provide best practice guidance, technical support and integration.