[People of Business Services] Conduent

//[People of Business Services] Conduent

Irina Butnaru, Country Lead, Conduent Romania

At Conduent, we make a difference by being part of a company that delivers mission-critical services and solutions on behalf of businesses and governments that create exceptional outcomes for our clients and the millions of people who count on them.

But we don’t just deliver services. In order to have a positive impact on the society and the people we serve every day, we also pilot new ideas for our projects and people.

Three years ago, we appointed a “Happiness Manager” who is in responsible for employee engagement and helping our people discover what they want to do at Conduent. Employee engagement and aligning company objectives to each employees’ personal objectives is the key to our success.

We have also created the first “experience designer” roles to help us shape “the future of work” for our clients. We are helping our clients become “sensing organisations” so that we better understand their needs and improve our service.

These roles are supported by a business intelligence team that reports, performs quality audits, predicts and closes any gaps – all in order to shape the future of our services to our clients. Without their support we could not add value to the business services industry. The team is constantly working to automate its day-to-day activities, understand where they can add value to the business and how they can move on to the next level in their current roles – providing meaningful support to our clients. We not only provide support by helping the service center to improve quality of service but by our end-to-end focus and value added to the overall operation.

Daniel Tabac is one of world`s “Happiness Managers”, Alexandra Botez is leading a team of experience designers and Ionut Verdes is enabling all of us to understand the future through the lens of predictive analytics.

Daniel Tabac, Engagement Manager

After many years in service delivery operations and three years in recruiting, I was offered a role that never existed in our company. I was soon to find that being a ‘Happiness Manager’ is one of the jobs of the future and, when I got the details about the job, it felt like it was created for me.

It is a strategic role, and the most challenging part was creating the strategy itself but, after studying employee behavior, I decided that the focus should be on the drivers of trust, satisfaction and motivation: career development, leadership and employee wellbeing. I coordinate all actions regarding these three components – Corporate Social Responsibility involvement, leadership training programs and certifications, benefits, promotions, coaching sessions, wellbeing workshops, office refurbishment, networking sessions, challenges and prizes for employees and so on. I do all this in order to deliver meaningful change in terms of employee engagement.

The most important project I have implemented is the Enthusiastic, Positive, Innovative and Committed (EPIC) career development program. EPIC is meant to empower people to work and learn towards a goal that fits their style and personal needs. It aims to retain and promote top talent with career paths tailored and guided by managers, career advisors and the training team, according to the aspirations and skills of the employee. Career mapping sets timely expectations, clear actions and offers support through effective mentoring and coaching.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic situation, I considered the trends in my domain related to working from home: (i) Overseeing the integration and engagement of our remote workforce and making sure they have a strong sense of belonging to the organization, (ii) ensuring that we are up-to-date with the latest remote work technology and processes and (iii) facilitating interaction and collaboration in the digital environment.

It is not difficult to tell my family and friends what I do at work. I am helping people become the best version of themselves, doing my best to create a safe environment that gives them joy and makes them proud.

Alexandra Botez, Experience Designers Manager

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart you’ll know when you find it.” – Steve Jobs

I truly resonate with this quote and I think, in general, our world would be in a better place if we could all find a role that suits us best and makes us happy. At Conduent I have found the perfect blend of culture and challenge. Going to work and going home are equally looked forward to.

I lead a team of experience designers that design the employee or customer experience process for our clients. So, for example, if an employee is about to join a company served by Conduent’s Human Resource (HR) services, their experience is to a significant degree designed by our team. This means that they make sure that they receive from us all the details for their first day as an employee, that the service center calls them to check if everything is ok and to wish them success in their new job. All this is possible because our experience designers listen to our customers in order to understand them and their culture, and then add the right human touch to the HR processes elements and create the right experience for them.

What I appreciate the most about this company, and the organization I am part of, is trust and confidence in its people. I was offered the opportunity to coordinate one of our key roles – our work can make a difference and we do touch people’s lives every day. The way we shape the processes for our Human Resources Services clients has one main goal: creating an HR experience for the end user that is as seamless as possible! On a day-to-day basis I feel that we are making strides towards this goal every day.

Verdes Mihai Ionut, Business Intelligence Manager

When I started working for Conduent, more than seven years ago, it was the first time that I felt that I was somewhere that I completely belonged.

My journey began as a business intelligence analyst in an environment that offered the freedom to define a new operating solution and create the standard for the future for HR Services globally, as well as internally for our processes. I can safely say that, for the first two or three years, every month felt different from what I had experienced before; full of learning opportunities and the ability to freely implement projects, including a high-end business intelligence tool.

I feel that I have grown with the company. I was given the opportunity to manage and grow the Business Intelligence team to a point where I am completely proud of this team’s daily work and projects that enable our business to provide a robust and comprehensive service in a timely manner.

The business intelligence domain is still seen, at least locally, as in its early years, but it is growing substantially almost every month. Each day we work with one of the top 10 business tools and have the confidence that the company is investing resources for us to be able to do an amazing job.

I would say the biggest challenge is to find like-minded people, who think outside of the local norm and are mature enough to search for the career of their lifetime. I feel that you would never get bored in a career in business intelligence – even after 10-15 years you would still feel yourself growing and learning new things.