[People of Business Services] HP Inc.

//[People of Business Services] HP Inc.

Here in Marketing at HP Inc., the way we work changed so much in the past 5 years, that I our projects are more similar to IT these days than to Marketing.

One project that comes to mind is the Flamingo Project. This is the project that helps us automatically flag in our internal system opportunities that were generated with help of a specific Marketing Activity.

My personal involvement here is to ensure that I support to project all the way and try to clean the roadblocks for the implementation team. In the 2nd phase, the phase where we are today, I am also responsible of extending this project to the global level.

This is one of those activities that inspire you to create more such projects, especially when you share the idea and implementation to your stakeholders, and they realize how much it helps them as well.

A job position in our company that can be considered pioneering in the business services industry? Data Analyst!

When we speak about marketing, things evolved during the time radio commercial, newspaper add, street billboard, static web banner, dynamic web banner, social media advertising and I would say this is the moment when we cannot enumerate the tactics in one line anymore. Why? Because today it is all about data, about personalized approach and about wright content in the right time, to the right person.

Today, any marketing campaign starts with data analysis, and even that is a high definition, as we have so much data today, so we need to make sure we look at the data that is relevant for us.

First, we will look at the audience that we want to target in that specific campaign, we will try to define a Persona, character created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic, attitude or behavior set. Then we would try to look into our systems and segment the contacts based on the persona definition. Once we defined the audience, we try to think of the campaign tactics, for example we want to run a webinar, so we look into data again, combined with the persona data, what type of webinar, what hour, what platform and of course what content to serve.

With this in mind, we then go to personalization where we would define if our campaign will have reminders, invitation letters, calendar blocks, etc. Who will be our speaker, what content will be presented, in which format, etc. At the end of the webinar you will populate your system with even more data that will only improve your next data analysis. All this would not be possible with a person, who is able to work with data and to analyze it, as without the right set of skills all you will see is some contact details, some engagement numbers and sales values. Data analyst is the person available to transform that data into patterns, groups, behaviors, etc.

In my opinion, we are still discovering the real opportunity behind the Data Analyst roles, they are not” in the spotlight” today as they should be. Looking into short future, these roles will bring a lot of benefits to all organizations and business units, as the data we have is partially used. Once we get there, I am sure this will be the role of the future.

Irisha Toderici, Global Marketing automation & CLSM Operations Manager

a. What exactly are you doing in your current role (and how did you start)?

Managing Global Team of Developers & Configurators on one side, and a team responsible for PO Management & Lead follow up Operations

b. What are the activities that bring you great joy?

Team engagement activities

c. What challenges have you faced so far?

Many… – presentation, showcasing the problem and/or achievement, people management.

d. Tell us about the most unique experience/project implemented in your current position.

Flamingo – this is the project that helps us automatically flag in the system the opportunities generated by marketing. The best think in this project from my personal perspective is that team came with idea, they implemented the idea, and now we expand it to global level.

e. When you explain to your parents/family what you do at work, how would you do it?

I would just say Marketing, never going into details.

f. What do you consider to be trends in your domain? Please list 3.

Data, Automation, Personalization.

g. What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop in the pioneering work?

Brainstorming sessions, trainings, reading & research.