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Project Description

We are Arvato. We design, deliver and differentiate customer service on behalf of some of the world’s most respected brands.

Customer service is about technology, because constantly evolving technology is driving up customer expectations and has the power to simplify service delivery for you too. So naturally we support customers at anytime, through every device and in the manner they expect of their brands. We also use technology to help you deliver more efficiently and extend service delivery.

Which builds a differentiated experience for your customer and greater trust for you.

Customer service demands experience, because service is one of your most valuable brand assets and it’s becoming ever more complex to deliver. Backed by Bertelsmann, we are independent and take a long-term perspective. We are global and if you are too, we meet your demands for a joined-up solution. We grew out of Europe and are adept at embracing your cultural nuances, whatever they are. Across Arvato as a whole, our know-how extends

right across the customer journey. We are your partner for the duration.

So we are differentiated by our experience.

Above all, customer service is about people, because service is a human thing even if it’s delivered by a robot. And because it’s people that apply technology, draw on experience, and add value. Our flexible can-do attitude delivers effectively in the face of the unpredictable.

As creative problem solvers we anticipate the future. Our enterprising spirit means we respect individuality and we’re innovators. So we are defined by our people.

Driven by technology and differentiated by experience, we will ensure you perform.

But powered by people we will also help you transform.

At the moment Arvato Romania has over 1400 employees at the offices in Brasov, Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca and offers integrated services, in 14 languages for business clients from the high-tech, gaming, e-commerce, auto, financial, hardware and software, sales and tourism industries. Globally Arvato is market leader in Europe in the BPO industry with over 70.000 employees worldwide.

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